86000 Series Executive Mesh Back Chair Review

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86000 Series Executive Mesh Back Chair

86000 Series Executive Mesh Back Chair

If you like Herman Miller Aeron chairs, your bound to like the 86000 Series Executive Mesh Back Chair. But you could like even more at significantly lower price.

The adjustments provide a great deal of control over your ultimate comfort. While the mesh seat back provides a surprising amount of cooling, making long work sessions more durable.

One of the nice thing this chair seems to do is relieve back pain that users experienced with prior chairs. And its almost surprising how many people are inflicted with both upper or lower back pain, the consumer reviews reflect a great many satisfied users.

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  • Comfort Features
  • Mechanisms
  • Specs


Comfort Features

The mesh back provides a surprising amount of comfort as it keeps your back cooler throughout the day.

The seat is adequately padded, though maybe this would be nice in a mesh too, we’ll never know.

The adjustments, also covered under mechanisms provide the most comfort in finding pretty much the perfect fit to keep your back relaxed and comfortable.


The adjustments are accomplished by several mechanisms.

  • Seat Height adjustment
  • Seat Tilt adjustment
  • Back Tilt adjustment
  • Arm Rest height adjustment
  • 360 degree swivel

Pneumatic tilt adjustments for the height, knob adjustments for seat tilt.

Arm rest adjustments for height make setup to your computer desk or keyboard easy.


  • Color – Black
  • Castors – 5-star Nylon
  • Dimensions – 45″ Height x 28.5″ Width x 28.5″ Depth
  • Seat – Fabric – Black
  • Weight – 52 lbs.
  • 360 degree swivel

Pros and Cons


Easy Assembly, despite skimpy instructions.

Mesh Back provides a cooler workday, something that you might not have appreciated if you’ve never had a mesh back before.

Adjustments for the vertical back height, tilt, seat tilt and arm rest height.

Easily mobile, scoots around well even on plastic rug guards.

Fairly Sturdy.


Arm rests could be a little sturdier.

Final Thoughts

The 86000 Series Executive Mesh Back Chair is a chair which makes work more comfortable. The mesh back does much more for comfort than imagined. Having a cooler back is a welcomed change for most consumers. The mesh is also much sturdier than it appears.

The adjustments give you an incredible degree of comfort by affording you the precise position required for you as an individual vs. crude pre-imposed settings.

These adjustments are a real blessing for people with back problems and should not be under estimated.

While the chair is sturdy at 52 pounds, its still very mobile, moving about with ease.

One of the features we love best about this affordable office chair is how much its buyers love it. The 8600 Series Executive ignites a passion in its occupants. Any product that does that, especially something taken for granted as much as an office chair does should get your attention, it did ours.

That being said, we highly recommend the 86000 Series Executive Mesh Back Chair.

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