Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Person Inflatable Kayak Review

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Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 is up for review at Kayak Reviews. This particular Kayak is an inflatable tandem, which can hold a maximum load of 350 pounds.

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The average review of the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 praises the affordability and portability of this denier polyester kayak. Kayakers can find an easy and affordable solution to exploring the calm lakes, rivers or marinas they have wanted to float.


  • Easy set-up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Two tandem seats
  • No experience needed


Easy Set-Up

This Kayak is remarkably easy to transport and set up. Being easy to inflate and quick to set up increases your time in the water with your paddle mate behind you as you take on this recreational sport.

Lightweight and Portable

A common problem found within many kayak reviews is how well you can transport your kayak and kayaking equipment.

The ability to safely transport your kayak will enable you spend more time exploring and may grant opportunities others will have to pass up.

The easy transportation of this Kayak compliments the Easy set-up enabling you to explore more waters and see new travel sites.

Two tandem seats

As you explore the new waters of your choosing you won’t need two kayaks because you’ll have your partner right behind you helping paddle through light rivers, lakes or the marina at sunset.

No Experience needed

This inflatable kayak opens up the world of kayaking to new crowds and enables couples to explore calm waterfronts without a major investment.

You can set up this Kayak fast for a nice day on the lake paddling around as you.

Denier Polyester

The material behind the Kayak is Denier Polyester with PVC laminate, which will provide a tough and durable material that you can feel safe using. Again, you will want to remain in calm waters and within the recommended load.

This is a great material to use with the inflated kayak. Reviews for the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 have cited it as having an extremely durable and rip resistant material.

Pros and Cons


The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 is a lightweight portable kayak. It is an affordable option for those seeking an entry into the sport of kayaking. It will hold up stability in almost all kinds of calm water.

This kayak is made of sturdy high denier polyester with a PVC laminate. The kayak comes with a tracking fin, rigid bow and stern forms.


The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 is limited in ability and durability. It cannot compare to a higher end kayak or a non-inflatable kayak.

Its speed and environment will be limited to calm weather and waters. Unfortunately, the maximum load the Kayak can hold is around 350 pounds.

Final Thoughts

This is a wonderful kayak for that couple looking to branch out into the sport without wanting to invest in a more expensive model. It will facilitate the leisurely exploration of calm waters and is sturdy enough to facilitate several outings.

Depending on the size of the paddlers, this kayak could be perfect.

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