Berkey Light Water Filter With 2 Black Filter Elements Review

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Berkey Light Water Filter With 2 Black Filter Elements

Berkey Light Water Filter

The Berkey Light Water Filter addresses todays concerns that much of the water around us is not safe. We may have a great purifier at home, but what about when we travel or go camping? The Berkey Light Water Filter With 2 Black Filter Elements is a good choice as customers based on real world use.

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When you’re outside camping, roughing it means no access to properly filtered water. If you decide on purifying the water you find, you’re going to need something that doesn’t require electricity.

This Berkey filter under review does not feature an LED lighted base despite being named Berkey Light, so if you need the convenience of a lighting system for use as a stand-alone emergency flashlight then check out the Berkey Light LED model.


  • Elements that are re-cleanable and self-sterilizing
  • LED lamps (includes an AC adapter)
  • Purification system


Berkey Light Water Filter

Re-cleaning, Self-Sterilizing Elements

The Berkey Light Water Filter incorporated a great feature for when you’re on the move. The less we have to handle parts of the system that need sterilizing the better, especially in a less clean environment.

LED Lamps

The light in the base consists of an 8-lamp white LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting system. It’s lowenergy and can last over 11 years even with constant use. It’s perfect for general camp light. Despite requiring such low energy, the LED’s can be seen in the dark from distances over a mile due to their brightness.

There is an option to power it with the AC adapter included with the system, but it’s a great emergency light if everything else fails because of the internal rechargeable batteries found in the base.

Purification System

The system has two filtering elements that can purify four gallons and more in an hour, removing such contaminants as pesticides, solvents, radon 222, and trihalomethanes (poisons found in solvents and refrigeration chemicals).

The Berkey Light Water Filter handles treated water, stream water, and even stagnant pond water, types you’re likely to find when camping, and two Black Berkey Filters will last through 6,000 gallons.


  • Height = 21″ and diameter = 9″
  • Purifies 2.75 gallons per hour
  • High grade stainless steel

Pros and Cons


The Berkey Light Water Filter has an elevated base, which enables it to be set right on the ground or any flat surface.

It can be carried even while it’s in its filtering process. The unit is shatter proof and made of high impact strength non-BPA (bisphenol-A) copolyester.

A copolyester is a polyester that’s been improved by scientific methods. For the Berkey Light Water Filter, it adds strength and flexibility. BPA is not a chemical you want in your body. Among other dangers, it messes with your endocrine system. Not good.


If you’re backpacking, the Berkey Light Water Filter system may not break down completely enough for long hikes even though it is portable.

Final Thoughts

The Berkey Light Water Filter is a great choice for its portability and lighting ability. But it’s also great to have at home in case of natural disasters or blackouts.

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