Best Inflatable Kayaks

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Kayaking offers an experience like no other. Explore the open waters and feel the thrill of being on the lakes or rivers all while giving your body a good workout. Inflatable kayaks have risen in popularity in recent years thanks to design advancements that give them a good balance between great portability and high performance. Whether you’re looking to go on solo trips or be in tandem with a friend, here you’ll find the best inflatable kayak for your needs.

Our Top Choice

Advanced Elements AE1012-R AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak

If you’re looking for a high-quality recreational kayak that combines that sturdiness of a hard-shell kayak with the flexibility of an inflatable then the AE1012 could be the perfect choice. Its 3-layer construction provides exceptional durability and resistance to puncturing to give you years of fun. Its rated for use on Class 2 rapids so you can get down to some serious kayaking. Designed to be quick to assemble right out of the bag, the AE1012 can be inflated and ready to use within just 15 minutes.

This 10’5″ long kayak seats one person and has a 300 Lbs weight capacity making it suitable for those going solo on their kayaking adventures. With its adjustable padded seat that offers high support for your back, you can get into your ideal comfort zone as you take to the waters.

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Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Pro Package

If you’re after an inflatable kayak for more than just a paddle then the Sea Eagle SE370 could be the kayak for you. Its rugged K80 PVC construction and I-Beam floor makes it one of the most durable inflatable kayaks in the market.

With its 3 person design, 650 lbs weight capacity and ability to handle Class III whitewaters, you can take the family along to do some serious kayaking. This kayak is renowned for its remarkably good tracking largely due to its two skegs that also help with speed. Its long 12 ft 2″ length and 2 ft 10″ width makes it really roomy and comfortable. Weighing in at just 26 lbs, the kayak is designed to be easy to transport.

The Sea Eagle wins good reviews for its ease of assembly and can be inflated ready for use in just 8 minutes. This Pro Package is ideal for two people and comes complete with everything you need out of the box to start your kayaking adventures including two AB30 paddles, two removable DKS seats, foot pump and a carrying bag.

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Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak

The Explorer K2 by Intex opens up the world of kayaking to the budgeted buyer who wants an affordable, inflatable two person kayak. Its bright yellow design makes it standout on the waters which is particularly appealing for those who are new to kayaking and want good visibility. The K2 has Boston valves on either side and comes with an Intex double action pump to make inflating and deflating it a cinch. Additional accessories included are two 86″ Aluminum Oars that break down into three pieces for easy transportation.

With its ‘sit-inside’ design featuring two adjustable seats sized to fit two adults, you can grab this to go kayaking with a friend or partner. With its 200 lbs per person weight capacity, it has the capacity of similar kayaks in its class. For anyone looking for a starter kayak or a kayak for occasional jaunts for paddling on mild lakes or rivers, the K2 will do just nicely.

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Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak

The Sevylor K5 is ideal for solo kayakers who want a highly portable kayak that is very quick to setup. With its 5 minute setup time using the included hand pump, the K5 can be ready for the waters in next to no time. As its name suggests, the Quikpak utilizes a backpack system which holds the kayak in place inside a backpack so you can quickly unfold it to inflate it or pack it away.

Its rugged 24-gauge PVC construction and Tarpaulin bottom gives you the confidence the K5 will hold up wherever your kayaking journey takes you. Thanks to its multiple air chambers, the K5 will keep going in the event of one of the chambers getting a puncture. A leak free kayaking experience is assured due to its Airtight System that keeps things watertight.

The kayak itself is 10 ft long and 2 ft wide and has a 250 lbs total weight capacity, giving a nice balance between portability and a roomy interior that can fit most people comfortably.

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Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Kayak

If you’re into whitewater kayaking, but want something that’s more flexible to transport than a hard shelled kayak then the Attack Whitewater Kayak by Advanced Elements could be just the ticket. The hull is made from heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin along with independent PVC bladders to give rugged protection for high durability.

Sized at 9’6″ long with a good width of 35″, this kayak can stay stable even on rough Class III rapids. Maximum comfort is assured on-board thanks to its adjustable seats and thigh straps. Molded rubber handles ensure that the kayak is a cinch to transport to and from your destination.

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