Bestway 54124 Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Review

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Bestway 54124 Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway 54124 Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is a compact inflatable hot tub geared towards those looking for an inexpensive, portable spa. This hot tub is made of plastic which enables you to place a hot tub in previously inaccessible places.

So if your an apartment dweller and thought you’d never be able to own spas or hot tubs, you thought wrong, in fact this is the bestway to own a premium Lay-Z-Spa, pun intended.

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Unlike most portable spas, this has a string of happy consumers singing its praises, so the social proof is there. The question just remains whether it’s the right spa for you.


  • Small and inflatable
  • Rapid Heating System
  • Water Filtration System
  • No tools required to set up
  • Inexpensive

Bestway 54124 Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Small and Inflatable

The Lay-Z-Spa is a conveniently portable hot tub with many features found in non-collapsible spas. The Hot tub is made of some plastic material, which you inflate with air and then fill with water to create a hot tub.

Because you can deflate your Jacuzzi, hot tube you can now virtually carry your hot tub anywhere you would like to set it up and plug it into an outlet.

Rapid Heating System

The integrated Rapid Heating System allows your hot tub to increase the temperature by 2 degrees each hour with a maximum of 104-degrees Fahrenheit. This enables you to utilize those therapeutic temperatures faster and easier.

Water Filtration System

The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa includes a water filtration system with replaceable water filtration cartridges. At 110 volts, this hot tub can be plug into virtually any standard US Outlets creating a true plug and play Jacuzzi hot tub.

No Tools Required

This hot tub can be set up with no tools and based on many reviews there is not problem setting this hot tub up as soon as it arrives. Included is a DVD which takes you step by step in the set up and care of your new hot tub.


This is a great toy for someone who would like the benefits of a hot tub Jacuzzi but for some reason cannot commit to the more permanent and expensive options out there. It packs a lot of the higher end features found in the more luxury models while giving you a lot more flexibility.

Pros and Cons


The price of this Jacuzzi enables anyone who wants to purchase an inexpensive hot tub the ability to get one without the worry of installation. If you don’t like this hot tub you can deflate it and throw it in the closet.

The ability to transport this hot tub anywhere is an amazing feature. Now you can access the therapeutic benefits of the Jacuzzi spa in previously unreachable places.


This is not a real Jacuzzi hot tub and should not be treated like one. The ability to hold up for extended periods outside is unknown. You should consider your geographical location before purchasing this hot tub as the effects of adverse weather could cause greater damage to this type of hot tub.

If you plan to set this up outside and use it on a daily basis you may run into trouble.

Final Thoughts

This is a terrific portable hot tub, which has many positive reviews. Each review seems filled with good things about this particular brand and design. Furthermore, Bestway has good customer service and are known to respond quickly to any issues.

This would be a good purchase for an entry-level consumer interested in the benefits of a hot tub Jacuzzi or someone who needs a transportable hot tub.

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