Blade 120 SR RTF Review

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Blade 120 SR RTF

Blade 120 SR RTF

All of us have some kind of inborn urge, living deep down inside, to take wings and fly, but since human beings were not blessed with the gift of flight, the Blade 120 SR RTF is one of closest ways we can actually get there. This extraordinary little helicopter allows its controller to mount up on those long abandoned wings and fly through the world. If not the world, then at least your living room, yes the Blade 120 SR RTF is so easy to control that even a few rounds under the ceiling fan could leave your model relatively unscathed (though one ought to be careful, even the Blade 120 SR RTF does have its limits and crashing this little beauty is definitely something to regret).

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The Blade 120 SR RTF comes fully assembled and ready to hover out of the box the moment you get your hands on it. Below are some of the best features of the Blade 120 SR RTF.


  • Sub-Micro Sized
  • Fully factory assembled, ready to fly out of the box
  • Unique rotor head for high stability and agile control
  • Features 5 in 1 control unit


Sub-Micro Size

This sub-micro sized model allows a lot of manoeuvrability and hours of fun thanks to it not being so small that it is unusable outdoors and not too big that it becomes a hazard indoor. Again, a little precaution will go a long way, always be careful indoors and never fly the Blade 120 SR RTF outdoors during bad weather.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors

The Blade 120 SR is a fully functional model, despite being micro size. It is a fixed pitch helicopter which is safe to be flown either indoors or outside, just make sure that the weather is not conniving against you and you and your model will be perfectly safe. The Blade 120 SR RTF is a medium sized model, being neither very small nor flimsy, nor a behemoth of a helicopter. A new pilot or one with very limited experience can manage calm weather or even a gentle breeze, Although more experienced pilots can handle pretty strong winds (that is the beauty of the Blade 120 SR RTF, it is safe and reliable, yet strong and controllable). While the Blade 120 SR RTF can manage calm weather very well, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to exercise safety when the weather gets rough. In spite of its powerful construction, a powerful breeze can set it off track and a really strong one can cause some very unfortunate accidents.


The Blade 120 SR RTF can manage a light breeze or even a moderate gust, but cannot handle heavy bursts. It will go out of control and eventually crash if the weather is very bad.

This hardy helicopter can take a few punches, but it will not last forever, too many crashes and it will give heart.

Skill level required

The Blade 120 SR RTF does not require much experience to fly, but isn’t suitable for novice flyers. If you’re a beginner, we recommend you buy a good indoor helicopter such as the Blade MCX2.

On the whole it helps improve flying skills a lot and is an ideal helicopter to progress from flying coaxials.

Pros and Cons


Being fully assembled allows you to fly it right out of the box.

The Blade 120 SR RTF has a good, solid body which is very easy to track despite its standard design.

Unlike most helicopters of its size and specifications, the Blade 120 SR RTF is easy to control. Thanks to its unique rotor head it can even hover pretty easily, which is a problem with most other models.

It’s very durable so it can withstand crashes.


The tail motors are prone to failure.

Final Thoughts

Although the Blade 120 SR RTF is quite an extraordinary helicopter, it does have its down side. It is easy to misplace the rather small tail motor protective sleeve. Maintenance becomes quite a hazard without it. But if you manage to keep all the parts safe, the Blade 120 SR RTF promises hours of fun for any flying enthusiast and is definitely worth a look at.

This helicopter is ideal if you want to progress from flying coaxials. We highly recommend the 120 SR.

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