Casio PX-830 Privia Digital Piano Review

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Casio PX-830 Privia Digital Piano, Black

Casio PX830 Privia Digital Piano

If you’re looking for a digital piano that’s more than just a keyboard but not as big as a console, the Casio PX-830 Privia Digital Piano might be just what you want.

The manufacturer calls the design “minimalist,” and at just under 74 pounds, has great portability.

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It kind of looks like a framework piano and fits just about anywhere.


  • Linear Morphing AiF sound source
  • Open strings sound
  • Ivory Touch


Linear Morphing AiF Sound Source

The Linear Morphing AiF sound source is a fairly new technology that developed as the result of constantly trying to achieve a grand piano sound in a digital piano.

It’s the result of “detailed analysis of the acoustic resonance system of a grand piano.”

Open Strings Sound

The Casio PX-830 Privia has an interesting feature that’s called Acoustic Resonance.

It means that, by raising the damper on a pedal in a certain way, you get the sound of open strings for an orchestral experience that few digital pianos have.

Ivory Touch

A new feature called Ivory Touch gives the player more of the feel of an acoustic piano. This is created by the Tri-Sensor 88-Note scaled hammer action engineering.

Scaled hammer action means that the Casio PX-830 Privia keys give the weight and feel that are closer to a grand piano.


  • Weight – 73.9
  • Height – 35.2 inches
  • Width – 54 inches

Pros and Cons


A reviewer from had this to say, “I use this piano to improve my technique. The keyboard feels like an acoustic piano. Very good quality sampling. Casio’s poor reputation is something from the past!”

A reviewer talked about her new Privia. “Having a real-feel piano was a must! I also love a great looking piano too. This one fit the requirements perfectly. I love having it in my home.”

A reviewer reported, “Awesome for practice for my two kids ages 8 and 10. The sound is as good as my baby grand. . . Great selections of preloaded songs.”


The Privia Digital Piano cabinet is faux wood particle board which looks cheap in comparison to the glossy black finish of a real piano.

Casio customer services are difficult to get on the phone according to some dealers so contacting them for support may prove difficult.

Final Thoughts

Despite the efforts at designing a digital piano that sounds like a grand piano, there may not have been enough effort put into the outside quality of the Casio PX-830 Privia to qualify for a good recommendation.

A piano played by a beginning student needs to be sturdy, and this piano probably would not hold up, and the customer service for getting repairs is iffy as well. Best to choose another brand.

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