Champion Juicer G5-PG710 – Black Commerical Heavy Duty Juicer Review

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Champion Juicer G5-PG710 – Black Commerical Heavy Duty Juicer Review

Champion Juicer G5-PG710

When juicing enthusiasts are discussing juicers which stand the test of time, Champion juicers more often than not get a mention. Renowned for their heavy, durable parts and versatility, these masticating juicers are designed for people who want an affordable heavy-duty machine which is easy to maintain and produces juice of a high nutritional value.

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Champion manufactures both household and commercial juicer models. Both models are almost identical apart from the fact the commercial models feature a more powerful motor, making them geared for commercial use.

In this review we look at the Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 and reveal whether the Champion is a winner in every sense.



  • Heavy-duty 1/3 HP motor
  • 1.75″ diameter large feeding tube
  • 10-year limited warranty (1-year on blade and screens)
  • Includes Juicing Screen, Blank Screen, Sieve, & Tamper
  • Available in four colors (black, white, silver and almond)


Champion Juicer G5-PG710

Built to last

One of the main reasons Champion Juicers are so highly regarded by health enthusiasts is due to their high durability. It isn’t rare to hear from consumers who have owned their machine for over 15 years and it’s still going strong.

The Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 is heavier than most juicer machines due to its heavy-duty motor and stainless-steel construction. For enhanced durability, the parts are made of nylon instead of plastic which most manufacturers tend to use.

Low Speed, High Yield

To keep vital nutrients and enzymes intact in your juice, the Champion Commercial Juicer uses a low speed, heavy-duty GE motor which turns at 1725 RPMs during the mastication process. The cutting cone turns slowly as it quietly squeezes juice from the produce.

GE motors have a reputation for being highly reliable in both home and commercial appliances, so a long lifespan is almost guaranteed.

Large Feeding Tube

The feeding tube has a 1.75″ diameter, which keeps down the amount of cutting and prep work you need to do prior to feeding your produce into the machine.

Pros and Cons


The Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 is constructed to a very high standard with quality materials.

Has the versatility to make baby food, ice cream, nut butter, fruit sauces, fruit smoothies and sherbets with use of a blank plate.

Very easy to assemble and clean.

Faster than most masticating juicers due to its 1725 RPM motor.


The main drawback of the Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 is the fact it’s heavier than most masticating juicers, so moving it from your counter into an area for storage after a juicing session could be a bit awkward.

It can’t be used to juice wheatgrass effectively unless you purchase an additional greens attachment. Furthermore, the attachment itself has had very poor feedback from consumers, so we wouldn’t recommend this juicer if you intend to juice a lot of wheatgrass.

Final Thoughts

For its price, the Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 is nothing short of incredible. We are very impressed with the durability and versatility of this machine. Even the cleanup itself is a breeze which isn’t something we can often say about a masticating juicer.

There are juicers out there that give you a higher volume of juice, but not in this price range. If you’re tired of juicers breaking down on you and you’re looking for an efficient, masticating juicer, then this is a machine to go for.

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