Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Review

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Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent Review

Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

Those who want ultimate convenience on their camping trips may want to take a look at the Coleman 6-person Instant Tent. Thanks to its smart one-piece design this tent can be setup or disassembled in under a minute. Six people can comfortably stay in the 10 by 9 foot Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent. Pre-attached pole with a click and lock system ensure easy setup. Furthermore, Coleman’s Weathertec system has been designed to keep you and fellow campers dry whatever the weather.

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The Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent comes with special features that have helped it gain popularity amongst those favoring adventurous lifestyle.


  • Instant tent
  • Spacious to accommodate six people
  • Exclusive Weathertec system
  • 10 x 9 foot in size with center height of 6 feet
  • Heavy duty, polyester coated fabric for weather resistance
  • Limited one year manufacturer’s warranty


Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

Convenient and Durable

Due to its innovative design, the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent can be put up or taken down in under 60 seconds so you have no tiring, long chore after a busy day of camping. Unlike with most tents, the poles are already attached to the frame so assembling the tent is very quick and simple. The assembly process consists of unfolding the tent fabric, extending each pole then simple click each pole security into place and the assembly is then completed.

In terms of size, the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent has a footprint of 10 x 9 (W x D) and a 6 ft center height. This provides enough room to accommodate up to six people according to the manufacture, but we’d recommend no more than four people using it at once.

WeatherTec System

Coleman touts their exclusive WeatherTec System as the solution to protect you well from adverse weather whilst you relax in your tent. Using several innovative design features, this system is well engineered and does a pretty good job.

The wind strong frame has been designed to withstand strong winds so the tent remains firm and doesn’t get blown away in windy weather. The seams are leak-free and the covers are easy to attach using Velcro. Heavy-duty polyester fabric uses tough materials and high-quality anti-wicking thread to keep wet weather at bay so you remain dry day and night.

Consumer Feedback

The Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent has both positive as well as negative aspects to it. The tent is liked for its instant setup feature. This makes it very popular among frequent travelers as it is more convenient as compared to regular tents. Aged seniors are all praises for it as it helps them to avoid unnecessary setup hassles. People appreciate the huge size and sufficient space in the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent which they say is big enough to put two full size inflatable mattresses side-by-side. The highly durable tent material is sturdy and capable of holding its own against windy weather, rains and storms. The tent is waterproof and keeps the campers dry in case they are caught off guard by sudden downpour.

This tent has received negative feedback only from a small proportion of customers. People have complained that the roof is not waterproof. Only the floor was realized to be waterproof. The tent was declared not suitable for rains or storms. Many users found the water poured down not only from the seams but from the material itself. Even the inner pockets for storage tended to accumulate water and would constantly drip. There is also nothing provided to tie down the window flaps.

Final Thoughts

With its easy as flick setup, the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent is popular among the frequent camper. It can be set up by anyone within a minute, which is perfect for when you want to setup camp quickly after a tiring day. The Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent’s weather resistant material, make it an ideal companion for an outdoor trip for the entire family all year round.

The tent is spacious and can accommodate six people, but it does get rather cramped so we recommend using it for no more than 4 people to have an optimum level of comfort. We highly recommend this tent.

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