Coleman CO-R630L-AC 5-Person Spa Review

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Coleman CO-R630L-AC 5-Person Spa

Coleman CO-R630L-AC 5-Person Spa

Coleman, a brand synonymous with quality, released the 5-person Rugged Rotomold Lounger Spa from their 2013 spa line. With its shed load of high class features, this premium plug & play spa is geared towards those who want a luxurious spa experience without the power or extra setup expense of a 220-volt spa.

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Plug and play operation is becoming a common feature found in hot tubs these days and one which many will be pleased to see on this 5 seater model.


  • Play and play setup
  • Rotomold design
  • Seats up to 5 people
  • 30 massage therapy jets
  • XP2e Pump
  • 5.5kW heater
  • Two Port Water feature
  • Multi-color LED spa light

Play and Play Setup

This Coleman Spa boasts convenient plug and play setup which significantly reduces the hassle of setting up your hot tub. Simply setup the spa in your desired location, fill it with 375 gallons of water then plug the GFCI plug into a standard 110-volt outlet (on a dedicated circuit). Alternatively, you also have the option to hardwire the spa if you want a more permanent installation.

Rotomold Design

With its rotational molded design, this spa is constructed in one complete piece so there is no wood or metals to rust away over time. This makes the spa incredibly durable and importantly also maximizes heat retention which helps lower the operating cost of running your Jacuzzi.

Coleman CO-R630L-AC 5-Person Spa

Seats up to 5 people

The spacious interior of this spa can accommodate up to 5 adults in true comfort. To ensure each occupant is in the lap of luxury, there are three contoured bench seats plus a full-length lounger seat with massage therapy jets. Those wanting to maximize the therapeutic benefits of owning a spa will love relaxing back in the lounger.

30 massage therapy jets

To help attain the rejuvenating therapeutic massage your body needs, the spa is kitted out with 30 massage therapy jets, which is a fine number of jets on a medium-sized hot tub like this.

The 30 jets comprise of 16 cluster euro jets and 14 adjustable mini jets that are strategically positioned around the spa to target each muscle group and provide a relaxing full-body massage.

XP2e Pump

A powerful Flo-Master XP2e 2.0 BHP pump powers the jets to deliver a strong flow rate. The pumps energy efficient design ensures its light on your pocket and greener for the environment.

Two Port Water Feature

A unique feature to this spa is its two port water feature. The control valve allows you to regulate the two water streams to your preference. This wonderful feature is literally like having a mini waterfall in your spa.

Multi-color LED spa light

Evenings spent outdoors in your spa are much more relaxing with ambient lighting surrounding you. With the Multi-color LED programmable spa light, you can create the perfect ambiance by programming the unit to alternate between various colors.


  • Length: 84.5 inches
  • Width: 74 inches
  • Height: 32 inches

Pros and Cons


This is a great spa built with a striking design, solid structure, reliable parts and plenty of nice extras like the lighting and water feature. The plug & play feature is one which many hold dear. Maintenance is made easy thanks to the 25 sq ft reusable filtration system, which is easy accessible topside.

This spa has been given an EIS ECo-SEAL of approval, which is great for keeping operating costs down and helping the environment.

The spas structure is backed by a lifetime guarantee plus there is a standard 1-year warranty on parts & labor.


As this spa runs on 110v it lacks the power of a 220v unit, which means it takes longer to heat and you can’t run the heater whilst the jets are on high speed.

Final Thoughts

A roto-molded style, plug n play hot tub like this gives you a level of durability and convenience which used to be unheard of in the world of spas. Coleman also crammed in plenty of luxurious features while keeping the price relatively low.

We’d strongly recommend the Coleman CO-R630L-AC 5-Person Spa to those living in relatively warm climate regions looking for a rugged, easy-to-setup Jacuzzi for no more than 4-5 people.

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