Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright with On-Board Tools Review

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Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright with On-Board Tools Review

Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright with On-Board Tools

The wide range of upright vacuums available in the market often makes it hard for many consumers to make a final decision on what they are going to buy. The features offered by different brands make it difficult for one model to stand out above the rest. The Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright with On-Board Tools however, is one of the most trusted vacuum cleaners by many households.

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Aside from promising greater suction power, it is also a portable and effective vacuum cleaner that you can get for an affordable price.


  • Uses Dynapower Technology to combine powerful motor with a revolving brush for effective cleaning
  • Allows automatic height adjustment for easier cleaning of any areas
  • Features a Click-Lock handle to allow users to adjust the height of the unit
  • Light weight
  • Installed with a Scatter Guard Nozzle to protect delicate furnishings from scratches
  • Equipped with a HEPA filter for cleaner and more breathable air


Offers more than average suction power

One of the features many homeowners look for in a vacuum cleaner is its ability to effectively suck in dirt and debris. The Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright with On-Board Tools boasts of its more than average suction power with its unique Dynapower technology that joins together two important elements in cleaning: a powerful motor and a revolving brush. By joining these two essential elements together, the Dirt Devil Dynamite can lift and suck in more dirt from indoor floor, carpeted and bare floor surfaces.

Additional features

The Dirt Devil Dynamite also comes with on-board tools like the dusting brush, the crevice tool, as well as the stretch hose which makes cleaning ceilings, stairs, corners, drapes, walls and other above floor areas easier and more efficient. While conventional vacuum cleaners make it hard to reach low areas, the Dirt Devil Dynamite features an automatic height adjustment to allow the machine to work effectively on both low and high areas. The Click-Lock handle, an innovative feature of the vacuum, allows you to adjust its height to as low as 31 inches, to allow efficient use for low and enclosed areas. If you are targeting a high area, you can attach the extension wand since its extended reach also increases the number of available cleaning spots.

Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright with On-Board Tools

Light weight and portable

Vacuum cleaners of different brands often weigh more or less 20 pounds thus, making it hard for many homeowners to lug the unit around while cleaning the house. Since the Dirt Devil Dynamite weighs only 9 pounds, owners will definitely find it more convenient to use and store away. This is especially helpful for those who have back problems and who find the task of vacuum physically tiring.

The machine weights only 9 pounds, significantly lighter than most of the vacuum cleaners in the market, a plus for those who have back problems and find the act of vacuuming physically taxing. With the 30 feet long power cord and the light weight body of the vacuum cleaner, moving from room to room while transporting the appliance is effortless and no longer requires constant plugging and unplugging.

The Scatter Guard Nozzle included in the vacuum cleaner prevents delicate furnishings from being scratched, effectively protecting them from future or further damage. As air passes through the vacuum cleaner, the HEPA filtration system installed in the interior of the vacuum traps the allergens from the air. In effect, the air that comes out from the exhaust is significantly cleaner than when it came in, a benefit that will enjoyed by everyone at home. After cleaning, one will find that the dust container is easy to detach and even easier to empty out. This eliminates the need to handle and clean dirty dust bags.

Final Thoughts

The Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright with On-Board Tools is a small, portable yet powerful vacuum cleaning unit that can offer a lot to homeowners. Because of its unique and effective features, it won the hearts of many homeowners and still continues to make a name in the industry. It’s compact, lightweight design and low cost, makes it an ideal choice for anyone on a budget, who is looking for a versatile vacuum cleaner which doesn’t skimp on power.

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