Emotion Comet Kayak Review

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Emotion Comet Kayak

Emotion Comet Kayak

This review is for the Emotion Comet Kayak. This is a sit inside kayak with a hard shell made of polyethylene plastic.

The kayak itself is affordable at depending on additions.

The Emotion Comet Kayak has an Average rating of 4.5 stars from Amazon.com reviews for the kayak. This is a great entry-level kayak for many age ranges.

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The reviews at Kayak Reviews show a brief of several kayaks, however this is the most suitable for the largest audience. This kayak has enough of everything while being simple enough to carry new paddlers into the great unknown waters to explore for themselves.


  • Large Cockpit
  • Small design
  • Polyethylene Plastic Shell
  • Family and Entry Level
  • Inflatable Stern Flotation Bag


Emotion Comet Kayak

Large Cock Pit

The Emotion Comet Kayak comes with a large cockpit hole.

This provides for easy and convenient entry and exit while minimizing any safety risks during the event of a capsize.

Small Design

The smaller design of the Comet kayak better suits it for some of the younger paddlers who would be unable to control or launch the heaver kayaks.

Polyethylene Plastic Shell

The Polyethylene Plastic shell that encases the kayaker both protects the kayak and the paddler.

The material is designed to be used for years with the ability to resist damage from UV rays.

The shell is also designed to be easily repaired.

Emotion Comet Kayak

Family and Entry level

This kayak can serve both as a family kayak and one for the entry-level paddler. Its size and construction allow it to be easily used by many levels of kayakers and provides a solid foundation prior to tackling the larger kayaks.

Inflatable Stern Flotation Bag

Inflatable stern flotation bag for extra flotation and water displacement which will help prevent and loss of balance or capsize event.

Pros and Cons


This is a smaller sized kayak, which opens the sport up to younger kayakers. It also makes this kayak easy to transport from varies area.

The Kayak itself weighs about 38 pounds (17kg) and has a weight capacity at 260 pounds (118kg) which is quite impressive for a kayak of this size.

The kayak itself is pretty short, coming in at about 8 feet 3 inches.


The smaller size may make tracking harder. The Emotion Comet Kayak is meant to be an entry-level kayak, which is to say it is limited in its abilities.

It cannot with stand heaver conditions and you are forgoing some added conveniences.

Final Thoughts

This is a kayak designed for the entry-level kayaker and while it carries a few nice features it’s more of a standard kayak than other Emotion Kayaks. The Paddle holders are a neat feature that allows you to fish, take pictures or simply relax on the open waters.

This is a great kayak for the younger kayakers, it’s both small and light enough to be handled by them. The large entrance makes it a safer bet in the event of a capsize.

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