Emotion Comotion Kayak Review

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Emotion Comotion Kayak

Emotion Comotion Kayak

Up for review is the Emotion Comotion Kayak. This is a unique looking kayak with a large variety of color options. As the name suggests this is a two-seat kayak with the seating in tandem.

This is a kayak made to be fast with a slick and streamlined design. This kayak does not come with either paddles nor seats even though being pictured with both on various web sites.

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The Comotion kayak is creative and appealing however, the market seems new as reviews are still scarce.

You will need to take a proactive approach to this purchase and an added risk as you have fewer sources to rely on. Emotion is a quality producer of well-received kayaks so it is not as big a risk.


  • “Dry-Ride” Seat system
  • Stable Hull
  • Tracking Keel and Self Bailing scuppers
  • Designed for speed


Emotion Comotion Kayak

“Dry-Ride” seat system

Emotion has designed the Co-Motion two seat kayaks to provide a dry ride. With comfortable contour molded seat areas that prevent any water that gets into the kayak from getting onto the paddler.

Stable Hull

The Emotion Comotion Kayak has a Stable Hull designed to prevent capsizes from less experienced paddlers at higher speeds. Not only does the stable hull help the paddler stay afloat it helps them keep control of their kayak at higher speeds.

Tracking Keel and Self Bailing scuppers.

Emotion Comotion Kayak

Designed for speed

Emotion designed the Comotion Kayak to be able to attain high speeds.

The kayak itself is meant to support higher speeds from even less skilled kayakers.

Pros and Cons


The Emotion Co-Motion kayak is designed to be a high-speed kayak and it appears to do so well. The unique design and innovative style make this kayak very interesting.

It is a relatively inexpensive kayak from a reputable company within the Kayak sporting industry. If it can maximize speed as it suggests it would be well worth the purchase.


This is not a classical looking kayak so you will draw some attention when paddling with one of these.

You will also be required to purchase your own seats and paddles, which will run up the cost of the kayak.

The Kayak design limits its use as well as there is not much opportunity to use this in a recreational setting.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a unique choice in design for a tandem kayak. I would rate a buy with some strict conditions.

First, this is not a kayak you would want to buy if you are not sure what you want from kayaking. This is not a very versatile kayak. If you want a fast kayak for two people and are not willing to spend big bucks or are new this should be a good choice.

It has added protections for the newer paddlers with nice features for the experienced. The speed is the key to this kayak and if you are looking for speed take a closer look at the Comotion Tandem Seat Kayak from Emotion.

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