England’s Stove Pellet Stove/Pedestal 55-Shp22 Wood Heaters Review

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England’s Stove Pellet Stove/Pedestal 55-Shp22 Wood Heaters

England's Stove Pellet Stove/Pedestal 55-Shp22 Wood Heaters

Of all pellet stoves, it is perhaps the freestanding models which are the most coveted and the England’s Stove Pellet Stove/Pedestal 55-Shp22 Wood Heaters is no exception. With a large 60 pound hopper, this powerful stove can generate quite a fair bit of heat.

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Here are the features which make this pellet stove a level above the rest.


  • 60-pound hopper gives you an incredible 2200 sq ft heating capacity
  • Electric auto-start Igniter
  • Built-in variable speed hot air blower
  • 3-inch pedestal base
  • Includes outside air kit
  • Requires exhaust vent kit when it is placed at a very high elevation


Small, yet Powerful

One common misconception that the England’s Stove Pellet Stove/Pedestal 55-Shp22 Wood Heaters utterly destroys about pellet stoves is that the low cost of a pellet stove means low quality. In fact, considering all the attributes of this pellet stove, it really is a huge bargain in your favour for all the great features you enjoy. This somewhat small yet extremely powerful model can be put practically anywhere chilly in your home thanks to its being a free standing stove. The very neutral appearance of the satin black and gold allows it to blend in with almost any kind of décor in your house.

Despite the small size of this stove it can still effortlessly heat a room of up to 1,500 square feet in size in no time. And to add even more worth to your purchase, the outside air kit certainly wraps up the whole package nicely. This inclusion in the price of the unit, makes it that much more irresistible. The most direct implication of all these features is that this stove is just as usable in a regular home as in an unwieldy mobile home. Thanks to the splendid design of the outside air hook-up, the unit is absolutely safe and very efficient regardless of the surroundings you place the stove in. Thanks to the pretty large hopper, which has about 40 pound of storage, you will have a long, enjoyable evening any time it is cold enough to fire up the stove.

Automatic Ignition

The England’s Stove Pellet Stove/Pedestal 55-Shp22 Wood Heaters is also equipped with a control board which permits you to control the heat being generated just as easily as the ignition of the pellets. This automatic ignition is not only very useful but also extremely safe because you can heat your home without ever needing to worry about gels or any other kinds of hazardous material plaguing the sanctuary of your home.

Final Thoughts

If the England’s Stove Pellet Stove/Pedestal 55-Shp22 Wood Heaters has one drawback, it is that it is somewhat drab. The sterile feel you get from looking at it is not very attractive and certainly causes this stove to lose points.

But overall this unit is certainly worth its cost and any pellet stove buyer should consider this little model for its great heat output. England Stoves customer service is excellent should you have any issues; many customers are pleased with the service they have received.

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