Eureka Sunrise 9 Tent Review

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Eureka Sunrise 9 Tent Review

Eureka! Sunrise 9 Tent

The Eureka Sunrise 9 4-Person 9-Foot by 9-Foot Family Tent is a dome style, square tent from Eureka’s sunrise line made to cater to the needs of the entire family. 81 square foot in area, it is spacious and comfortable to provide for five campers. It is well ventilated and made of strong durable material that prevents water leakage and resists breakage due to exposure to UV. The Eureka Sunrise 9 also comes with corner and wall organizers for creating more space inside and avoiding clutter.

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The Eureka Sunrise 9 Family Tent has many features that make it reliable and durable.


  • Spacious- dome style tent
  • Can shelter five people comfortably
  • Well ventilated with four hooded windows
  • No-see-um mesh paneled ceiling with door vents for greater air circulation
  • Shockcorded fiberglass frame and poles for support and strength to the structure


Eureka! Sunrise 9 Tent

Spacious and Easy to Setup

The family tent is very spacious, its size being 9 feet by 9 feet with centre height of 6 feet. The tent is easy to set up and can comfortably shelter a family of four to five people. It is made of triple coated fabric along with a sturdy floor of oxford polyester that prevents water leakage. The tent fly is made of stormshield polyester that resists water and does not stretch on getting wet. It also does resist UV breakdown.

Well Ventilated

The Eureka Sunrise 9 is an epitome of super ventilated tents. It comes with four large hooded windows and a no-see-um mesh panels in the ceiling for added comfort and increasing the air supply into the tent. There are twin track D door which enable easy entry and exit. These have been given high and low vents for increasing air circulation within the tent. The shockcorded frame enables quick setup and provides greater support in windy or wet weather conditions. There is also ample space for storage provided by the wall organizer and the corner organizer. There’s also mirror and cup holders for clutter free space.

Eureka! Sunrise 9 Tent

Consumer Feedback

The Eureka Sunrise 9 has both pros and cons. It has received some negative feedback. People have complained of the poles breaking up in slight wind and moisture appearing on the inside of the tent walls frequently. Some people have also expressed objection to there being only one zipper on the doors, making it tedious while getting out in the dark. The front doors are short and one has to crawl in despite the centre height being 6 feet.

On the other hand the tent has received many praises. It is said to be very easy and convenient to setup. It can comfortably fit a small family of four along with leaving enough space for bags, shoes and other gear. The ventilation in the tent is superior to others. The mesh panels allow more air inside and the lower and upper vents in doors allow the cool air to circulate. The fabric is water proof and keeps the campers safe in all weather conditions. It is the best choices for the economically inclined. It is considered to provide good value for money invested.

Final Thoughts

The Eureka Sunrise 9 4-Person 9-Foot by 9-Foot Family Tent is an ideal tent for every family. It is suitable for the adventurous trip of the entire family. The well ventilated interiors provide comfort in all weather conditions while the water resistant material prevents leakage. The tent is perfect for those families looking for a good investment which can last for many camping trips to come.

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