Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike Review

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Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

Nothing says love like a Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike. At least that’s how I would write the copy, the question is can a tandem bike be good enough to allow you to enjoy the ride, or will the inherit faults in its design shatter the vision.

It can be frustrating always waiting for someone to catch up or being left behind, This road bike relieves that frustration. But something worse than that is paying a lot of money for a bike that doesn’t work and wastes your money.

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We hope to answer the questions of performance and reliability in this review.


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Name Brand Components
  • Fun Included


Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

Aluminum Frame

The Viaggio Tandem Road Bike sports a customized lightweight aluminum frame, weighing in at a surprising 42.5 pounds with all components installed. That’s only less than a Huffy 26-Inch Ladies Arlington Bike!

The Frame size is: 20 inches (front), 16 inches (rear) with a 31-inch stand over with 21-inch top tube length (front), 28-inch stand over (rear) geometry. This comes in one size only, so hopefully the two bikers have a similar geometry.

With the right seat adjustment people as tall as 6 ft report no problems riding or in stoker seat, and extended seat posts can be purchased on line if you need more.

Although the frame is long and stiff, it’s not uncomfortable. The long wheel base helps to smooth out the ride same as with a long wheel base car. So it might actually be smoother than the super light road bike you used to which can absorb the road.

Name Brand Components

No one can argue with the Shimano brand name, grant you these are lower end components, but at the lower end of the Shimano line which is very adequate.

The Brake levers and shifters are integrated using a Shimano ST2300 STI 8 Speed shifter and Shimano STI integrated with shifters.

The Front derailleur is a Shimano FD M191, and the rear Shimano RD TX51D. And the Shimano name doesn’t stop there, add to that the Shimano CS HD30 11-30 8 speed FreeWheel.

The Crank Set is A106PP40T steel black with a 28/38/48 x 170mm alloy, silver crank.

The front fork is steel for needed strength and the wheels High V profile rims, alloy 700c topped with Touring 700 x 32 black with silver line Tires.

So while it’s not a jaw dropper for high end components, they are at least decent out of the box.

Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

Fun Included

The nice part about the Viaggio Giordano Tandem Road Bike is its good enough that people enjoy the ride without fretting over any shortcomings. One consumer review stated it aptly, when he said “it’s like getting a $500 frame with a lot of free parts!”. The “Free Parts” so to speak are good parts, but not top of the line. Don’t think you have to upgrade anything other than the brakes, you don’t. But you can, and thats a nice feature too.

It’s unusual for us to include a “FUN” attribute to road bike review, but in the case of the Viaggio Tandem Road Bike it seemed fitting. A good example is a review on the Lamborghini Tandem Road Bike which is the predecessor to this one and almost identical.

Specifications of the Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

  • Frame: Custom-designed 7005 aluminum
  • Frame size: 20 inches (front), 16 inches (rear)
  • Fork: 700c CS-9217 steel painted
  • Geometry: 31-inch stand over with 21-inch top tube length (front), 28-inch stand over (rear)
  • Headset: VP-H692W, black
  • Stem: HL alloy ext, 100mm x 7-degree alloy, Silver
  • Handlebars: HL-DR-8BW, 430mm, steel black
  • Bar tape: CB-0108, black soft wrap
  • Shifters: Shimano ST2300 STI 8 Speed
  • Brakes: Alloy Side Pull
  • Brake levers: Shimano STI integrated with shifters
  • Front derailleur: Shimano FD M191
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano RD TX51D
  • Freewheel: Shimano CS HD30 11-30 8 speed
  • Chain: KMC Z51
  • Crank Set: A106PP40T steel black, 28/38/48 x 170mm alloy, silver crank
  • Bottom bracket: VP-B33 steel
  • Pedals: VP-990S resin body
  • Wheels: High V profile rims, alloy 700c, brass nipples
  • Tires: Touring 700 x 32 black with silver line
  • Saddles: Velo
  • Seat post: Alloy SP-233 300mm alloy silver
  • Weight: 42.5 pounds

Pros and Cons


Price is pretty decent for an aluminum framed tandem road bike for the money, the high end ones go for 2-6 k!

The long frame and tire combination make a comfortable and smooth ride, the frames lightweight is also a contributor to the rides comfort as less effort is required to move down the road.

Good out of the box components.



It’s not a freehub but rather a freewheel which is a technology of days gone by. So with less cog support it can bend easier on road bumps, so no curb jumping or gravel roads.

Lacks Quick Release wheels, so tire changes require you bring your tools.

The brakes are barely adequate, and if you bike in hills, best to replace right away or at least get QBP travel agents for both the front and back brakes.

Final Thoughts

For a casual user the Viaggio Giordano Tandem Road Bike is good out of the box, except for adding the travel agents. But for more serious riders, upgrade to your heart’s content and you’ll still be way under the cost of the brand name Tandems like Co-Motion, Burley, Bushnell, Calfee or Santana to name a few.

While it’s not a serious competitive racer it’s still fast, and more importantly, its fun.

We find the price to be a breath of fresh air and highly recommend this good quality budget tandem for those starting out or those wanting serious fun together.

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