GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike Review

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GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike

GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike

The GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike pretty much owns the market for road bikes in the 24″ class. In fact but for a couple of flaws it’s a pretty good bargain.

The Bike has a good aluminum frame with decent welds and a nice front steel fork, both of which are under a lifetime warranty. The wheels and tires are good for most road conditions as the tire width is slightly wider than most thin tired road bikes.

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The Denali Girls Road Bike also has a paint job which seems to please the targeted customer – 9-12 year old girls. There are some issues which you need to be aware of brought out in the review, but those aside, it’s a good bike at a good price.


  • Sized Right
  • Alloy Components
  • Lifetime Warranty


GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike

Sized Right

The GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike is one of the only road bikes in this size class. The frame has a 16″ height with a 21″ stand over height.

But one of the flaws of this right sized bike intended for pre-teen girls is the brake levers. The brake levers are located beneath the drop down bar and are too far down for most young girls to grip, and if they can, they struggle with hand strength. In fact most parents end up replacing these for in-line brake levers.

The other issue is the brake pads, ensure they are sanded down during assembly to remove the shine, this will greatly increase their effectiveness.

The grip shifters are a matter personal taste but on this transitional sized bike, many young girls are changing over from mountain bikes where this style shifter is normally used so it works out good in this case as they are already familiar with this style shifter.

Alloy Components

The brakes, crankset, handlebar, stem and wheels are all allow on the GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike so it keeps the weight down and adds a layer of quality to the bike. Mind you these are the lowest quality in terms of the Shimano TZ40 derailleurs and such, but even so they are still Shimano and typically much better than the bikes on the rack at mega mart.

GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike

Lightweight V-profile wheels and Kenda 24-inch tires are in line with the weight savings and better performance.

What Kent seems to have tried to do with this bikes manufacture is take a really good frame and front fork and dress it with the cheapest alloys they can get away with, but that’s not saying they are bad, but lowest costing on a manufactures sales list. The Shimano derailleurs being an example.

The end result is a decent bike with adequate components which give a good and fast ride, but can be upgraded easily to deliver a really good bike for a song.

Lifetime Warranty

The Frame and Front Fork have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer Kent (

Pros and Cons



Nice 7005 aluminum Frame and A nice steel front fork.

Good medium width tires on light allow wheels.

Sized right. There is a gap between kids bikes and adult bikes, this fills the gap with a 16″ Frame height and 21″ stand over height.

Alloy components including brakes, crankset, handlebar, stem and wheels.

Lifetime warranty on frame and fork.


The brake levers are hard to reach from the drop down bar and require more hand strength than most 9-12 year old girls are accustom to using.

Handle bar stem requires adapter for stem housing instead of using bar stem to match housing.

Final Thoughts

The price is undeniably good. The GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike’s target is for pre-teen girls, but smaller women seem to benefit as well. The bike for girls has one serious flaw, the brake lever placement and style. But this is a cheap upgrade to fix, and when fixed the bike is generally loved by the rider.

As this is an out of the box bike, it of course needs tuning and adjusting as would any other out of the box bike, but when done properly it’s an incredible bike for the price.

We recommend the GMC Denali Girls 24-Inch Road Bike as priced and sized right, just address the brake levers if this is intended for a young girl.

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