Hobby Zone Champ RTF Review

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Champ RTF

Champ RTF

We have all had dreams of mounting wings and taking flight and the Champ RTF does just that! This extremely easy to use aircraft model is the ideal remedy for almost any aviation longing you might have. In fact the Champ RTF is so easy to use that you could even teach yourself to fly it. This recreation of one of the best known of all aircraft types, the tail wheel airplane, is in itself an experience of history for new flyers and a delicious taste of nostalgia for any veteran. The Champ RTF is a perfect teach yourself aircraft model and will give any user hours of unending fun.

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  • Fully assembled and ready for flight
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology
  • 3.7V Li-Po battery
  • Includes DC Li-Po charger plus batteries


Champ RTF

Fully Assembled

The Champ RTF comes completely assembled. The little plastic aeroplane needs no initial elbow grease to get it going. Even the batteries for the model are provided! All you have to do is pull it out and enjoy hours of fun!

The Champ has a scale wing rib detail plus a steerable tail wheel to enhance your experience of using the Champ RTF.

Lightweight and Durable

Thanks to the small size of the Champ RTF, it can be flown in almost any tight space (so long as there is enough room for takeoff). Even a measly backyard would be as good as a World War 2 battlefield with the Champ RTF at your command! Its lightweight and durable construction almost make crashes fun! It does not wreak havoc or burst into a flaming inferno as it comes down, it is a very, very safe model (that is not to say that you should buy one just to crash it in your backyard!). The Champ RTF is designed for ultra easy control. No other model aircraft of its class can have you feeling like a ace pilot in as little time. In fact 2 or 3 flights is usual more than adequate for making a pilot out of you. These easy controls are not just to attract a newbie or two, they also help pros develop their skills and learn new tricks.

Spektrum™ DSM® technology

One thing which sets the Champ RTF apart from its competition is its use of the extraordinary Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2™. This means that the radio systems used in the Champ RTF are the very same Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology which is not only trusted but also widely used by many experienced RC pilots all across the globe. The use of this outstanding bit of technology allows you to enjoy absolute and complete freedom from any sort of cumbersome signal interference whenever and wherever you choose to take wings and fly. But if you thought that this is only for rookies and that once you have mastered the art of model aeroplane flying you can abandon the Champ RTF once and for all, think again! The Champ RTF’s transmitter can be used to fly some of the Bind-N-Fly ultra micro aircraft from ParkZone and Blade. A full catalogue of which models these are is widely available on the net.

Li-Po Battery

The Champ RTF runs on a very efficient 1S 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery which gives you hours of fun before you need to recharge. Even the DC Li-Po charger is included with the Champ RTF.

Pros and Cons


The airplane comes pre-assembled and is easy to manoeuvre so it’s ideal for beginners.

It’s very durably constructed so it can withstand crashes.

The Li-Po battery gives you a good 10-15 minutes flight time before it loses power.

The DSM2 radio technology ensures you won’t experience signal interference when operating the plane.

The included controller can be used to control some other planes from ParkZone and Blade.


Being light makes the plane sensitive to wind, so it is only suitable for flying in a light breeze, but not stronger winds.

The connectors on the battery are small so you need to be careful when connecting it to the plane.

Final Thoughts

While the Champ RTF is extremely useful for new flyers, it is also excellent for any age group; an 8 year old can have as much fun with it as an 80 year old. This really does make the Champ RTF live up to its name and be a model to have a look at.

We highly recommend the Champ RTF for beginners who are looking for their first RC plane.

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