Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller Review

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Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller

The following stroller on review, the Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller, Blue, was designed to provide a comfortably smooth ride, even on terrain you would expect to be much rougher.

With its sporty style and durable construction, this stroller is equally at home on either city streets or long back trails, looking good in all situations.

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Additional features include cup holders that are deep enough to hold something besides a small cup, and a handy pouch with a zipper to make sure the contents stay put, features which should be standard on most strollers, but are not.


  • Quick fold design
  • Swivel front wheel that locks straight
  • Aluminum frame
  • Shock absorbing suspension
  • Extra wide reclining seat
  • Oversized sun canopy
  • One step link parking brake
  • Large storage basket
  • Additional Accessories include a parent organizer, running leash, tire pump and rain cover

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller

Light and Manoeuvrable

Speed and manoeuvrability are the key ingredients in this particular jogging stroller under review here.

Its lightweight aluminum frame and straight locking front swivel wheels allow for this stroller to turn virtually “on a dime”, making jogging those long back-trails a breeze.

Its shock-absorbing suspension system goes over rough trails as easily as it does smoother city streets, allowing for both urban and rural exercise regimes which include wither jogging or walking as a major component.

Comfort and Security

With its extra-wide, full reclining, padded seats, your child can relax and enjoy the scenery in comfort, while five-point restraints maintain their safety and security throughout your travels.

Its overly large canopy adjusts to block the sun’s harmful rays while also protecting your child from the more inclement weather. With a quick fold design for ease of opening and closing the stroller, a large storage basket, you can easily be ready for your “on the go” lifestyle.

Overall, I found the Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller, Blue, an extremely light and versatile sporty tricycle-styled jogging stroller, to be a rather sweet and comfortable ride for your small child throughout your own healthy and active lifestyle.


  • JPMA Certified
  • Stroller is lightweight, only 15.5 lbs
  • Compact fold: 19 x 25 x 34
  • 40 lbs. maximum child weight
  • Only use this product in the reclined position until child can sit up unassisted

Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller

Pros and Cons


Lightweight, compact, with all the safety and comfort measures taken well in hand, this stroller is definitely well worth its relatively low sticker price. Considering all of its “little extras”, this one clocks in at the best overall bang for the buck in single strollers being reviewed.


The included instructions for assembly are a bit too vague and aren’t very comprehensive so it takes a little trial and error to get the stroller put together.

Unlike many newer jogging strollers, you cannot lock the front wheel from the handlebar. Instead you need to brake the stroller then operate the wheel lock, so it’s a bit inconvenient when you want to do this when you’re on the go.

Final Thoughts

We would highly recommend the Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller, Blue for anyone with an extremely active lifestyle, either in the heart of the country or the middle of the urban jungle.

With its lightweight yet durable aluminum construction, compact size, and extreme maneuverability it is perfect for the caregiver with a busy, active lifestyle.

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