Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer Review

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Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer

Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer

When it comes to the task of pressure washer cleaning, anything that makes the job that bit easier is always welcome so we are intrigued to see if the Karcher K3 can deliver as promised. The Karcher K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer now under review is uniquely designed with a 4 wheel base which makes it easier to move than a regular pressure washer so it will literally follow you as you go about your cleaning duties.

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Designed for light duty usage, the K3 has 200 PSI more cleaning power than the previous Follow Me model which makes it suitable for most pressure washer applications around the home.


  • Four wheel design
  • 1800 PSI Cleaning Pressure
  • N-Cor pump
  • Quick Connect System
  • 35 ft power cord; 15 ft high pressure hose
  • Removable detergent tank
  • DirtBlaster spray wand
  • Vario spray wand attachment


Four Wheel Design

The Kärcher K3 Follow Me is rather characteristic in its appearance as it looks more like a miniature buggy than a normal pressure washer. Its four wheel base features two large rear wheels and two steerable front casters which in turn provide excellent manoeuvrability so you don’t need to constantly drag the machine along by its handle as you move to a different cleaning area. Just simply pull the hose along and the K3 follows you like a puppy.

Karcher 1.418-050.0 K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer

1800 PSI Cleaning Pressure

The machine can deliver up to 1800 PSI cleaning pressure at 1.3 GPM, which makes it fall into the light duty category. This makes it suitable for cleaning vehicles, block paving, garden furniture as well as other light duty residential cleaning tasks.

N-Cor Pump

N-Cor pumps are some of the best pumps around since they are built with a unique custom compound that has been rigorously tested for optimum strength and durability. Its self priming design means that no maintenance is required. Designed to be corrosion free, you’re getting a pump which should outlast the machine itself.

Quick Connect System

For quick convenient setup, the quick connect system allows you to connect the hoses into the front and rear hose inlets on the unit with just a quick push.

35 ft power cord + 15 ft high pressure hose

This Karcher pressure washer comes equipped with a 35 ft GFCI power cord plus a 15 ft high pressure hose so you have plenty of room to clean areas up to 7500 square feet.

Removable detergent tank

A single removable detergent tank is onboard the machine. This lets you optionally use detergents as you spray on low pressure mode. The wide mouth opening allows you to easily fill the tank without any unwanted spillages.

Onboard Storage

A molded onboard storage caddy takes care of the storage for the trigger gun and wand accessories. Additionally, the hose and power cord can be wrapped around on top of the unit.

Spray Wand Accessories

The K3 Follow Me comes supplied with two spray wand accessories which are quick and easy to attach when per needed.

The Vario spray wand attachment gives you the option to adjust the cleaning pressure from the wand itself by a quick turn of the wand, so you can safely clean areas which need lighter pressure such as wooden decking then notch it up as and when necessary.

The DirtBlaster spray wand as its name suggests is ideal for tackling those tougher jobs where greater cleaning intensity is required such as cleaning block paving.


The K3 follow me has quite a small footprint despite being significantly longer in length than most upright style pressure washers. It measures 21.7 inches in length, 12.8 inches in height and 12 inches in width. Since the unit is mostly constructed of plastic, it has a lightweight of just 16.3 pounds so it’s easy to roll around even for extended periods.

Pros and Cons


The Kärcher K3 Follow Me sports a unique design with its innovative 4-wheel base which takes cleaning convenience to another level so manoeuvring around obstacles as you clean is no longer a problem.

Other highlights include the excellent corrosion-free pump which is very quiet as the user sprays. The machine packs a good amount of power for most residential cleaning tasks.


Storing the hose and power cord onboard the unit can prove to be difficult. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to keep the box handy to store everything in.

The hose is a too short for some people at only 15 ft long.

Final Thoughts

This machine is a very creative pressure washer design which gives you a greater amount of manoeuvrability than with standard upright machines, in addition to avoiding problems of the unit tipping over.

With its 1800 PSI of pressure at a nice flow rate of 1.3 GPM it comfortably handles all light and medium duty pressure washing tasks. For a lightweight, practical machine the Karcher K3 is a top choice and is great value for money.

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