Kindle DX Review

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Kindle DX e-Book Reader

Kindle DX

The Kindle DX is a noticeably larger e-Book Reader than previous Kindle products. The size increase makes it suitable for reading newspapers, Portable Document Files (.pdf) and magazines.

Besides being ideal for larger documents, the Kindle DX has some other tricks up its sleeve.

Although now larger in size, the Kindle has become thinner, about the same waist-line as a pencil. This helps keep it lighter which equates to less hand shifting due to heavier weight.

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The graphite border also offers less eye strain then a white background, and keeps your eye focused on the page where it belongs, but again, it has some other nice features we will get into later in the bulk of the review.


  • New Design, Advanced Functions
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Wireless Access


Kindle DX

New Design, Advanced Functions

New Size

One of the best features is the new size, at a full 9.7 inch diagonal screen your going to love less page turning and more time reading. And for magazines and newspapers you’ll be able to read it without having to move around the screen.

Thinner size, at only 3/4″ thick the Kindle DX is as thin as a magazine but easier to read without the page folding on you all the time.

Improved Screen

A great new feature is the improved screen technology. Using the E-Ink pearl screen, you have better contrast, 50% better, and clear and perfect text which is easier on your eyes than some printed material.

This screen is NOT Backlit so its easy to read even in direct sunlight. You’re gonna love this screen.

PDF as Native

PDF (acrobat portable document files) are native, so no need to lug around a laptop, laptop case and power supplies. Makes business documents easier to review and read as easy as paper documents without the eyestrain of most computer monitors.

Kindle DX

Auto-Rotate Feature

If your reading maps, graphs or looking at large images you can turn the Kindle DX horizontally and read in the landscape mode, with the auto-rotating screen allowing full viewing.


Eyes Tired? Have the “Read-to-Me” feature read you your book, newspaper or report. Excellent for relaxing on the beach, sofa or when you want to read along to help grasp complex information like technical manuals. Gives new meaning to reading in an undertone.

Sharing via Twitter and Facebook

Reading a book and find something that peaks your interest and can’t wait to tell your friend. Post the passage directly to twitter or facebook through the free installed WIFI feature.

Tons of Titles

The Kindle Store on boasts more than 950,000 e-Books, Magazines and blogs. This includes the New York Times Best Sellers, new releases and classics with many of your old favorites free.

Once you find an e-book or magazine you like, you can download it via WIFI in less than 60 seconds from purchase. Plus you can download free book samples, kind of a try before you buy feature. Check Out the Kindle Store with Tons of Titles

Kindle DX

Long Lasting Battery

Finally an honest battery life description according to consumers. With WIFI on, you can expect one week of usage, without 2-3 weeks.

Wireless Access

Kindle DX offers Free 3G, a nice feature, but what makes it a great feature is that its usable globally. Note the purple (light and dark purple) below: these indicate coverage areas available.

Kindle utilizes Whispernet to enable quick downloads of ebooks, emagazines and emost-everything-else. This is better than WI-FI because you don’t need to “find” a WI-FI hot spot to do your downloading.

EDGE/GPRS coverage is the fallback if whispernet is not available.

Bottom line is, its fast, and its free, foots the whispernet bill for your books and mag downloads.

Kindle DX Specs

  • Display Size: 9.7″ diagonal
  • Display Type: E Ink Pearl
  • Size: 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″
  • Weight: 18.9 ounces
  • Storage: 3,500 books
  • Battery Life (Wireless Off): 2-3 weeks
  • Battery Life (Wireless On): 7 days
  • Free 3G Wireless: Yes
  • Global Wireless Coverage: 100 countries and territories
  • Native PDF Support: Yes
  • Whispersync: Yes
  • Worry-Free Archive: Yes
  • Text-to-Speech: Yes

Pros and Cons


The new larger 9.7″ with the E Ink Pearl display is what makes this eBook reader great. The auto-rotate feature is a nice plus as well.

Battery life of 7 days to 3 weeks depending on wireless being on or off.

Free 3G wireless for the U.S. and Global Coverage in more than 100 countries and territories for non-3G coverage.


We would like to see the price down a wee bit, but its not a show stopper by no means. This is a must have eBook reader.

Final Thoughts

This is the definitive eBook Reader. It being an product only increases its desirability and for good reason. sells a lot of books, they know what consumers want in reading material, and the e-books match those desires. And the eBooks now outsell the printed books on to prove the point.

The Kindle DX is light, thin and easy on the eyes thanks to the E Ink Pearl display. And with the ability to store 3,500 books, you don’t need to worry about being stuck on today’s deserted islands otherwise known as airports, airplanes, trains and buses.

We highly recommend the Kindle DX for anyone who considers books to be of value in their lives.

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