Kindle Wi-Fi e-Book Reader 6 Inch Review

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Kindle Wi-Fi e-Book Reader 6 Inch

Kindle Wi-Fi e-Book Reader 6 Inch

The Kindle Wi-Fi 6 inch e-Book reader is something of a celebrity in its own right, but few things can live up the hype put out by the manufacturers.

Claims of no glare reading in direct sunlight seem almost unbelievable. Battery Life exceeding 7 days, and free Wi-Fi would have been absurd a few years ago.

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Today however, the Kindle Wi-Fi reader seems have not only lived up to the hype but created a cult like following in doing so. Only its one really big cult.

Learn why in the rest of the review.


  • 6 Inch Diagonal screen
  • E Ink Pearl Technology Screen
  • Lightweight
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Long Battery Life
  • Extra Features

6 Inch Diagonal Screen

There are two sized Kindle devices, this one under review, the Kindle Wi-Fi has a six inch screen. The Kindle DX also reviewed by Best e-Book Readers has a 9.7 inch diagonal screen.

Kindle Wi-Fi e-Book Reader 6 Inch

Unlike many display screens like the iPad, there in no glare to give you a headache. In direct outdoor sunlight the words almost pop off the page.

Although this screen is not as big as that of the Kindle DX, it offers a crisp reading platform and is very easy to tote around.

E Ink Pearl Technology Screen

Kindle Wi-Fi e-Book Reader 6 Inch

This screen technology is superb, it makes reading very easy for hours on end. The page fonts are crisp and clean compared to LCD fonts which don’t come anywhere close to the Pearl E Ink system.

The Fonts used by Kindle readers are hand crafted to take full advantage of the E Ink system which uses real ink particles electronically.

We were surprised at the clarity, in fact we were shocked by the clarity, the Kindle screen looks like a page out of a book, really!


The Kindle Wi-Fi is weight at only 8.5 ounces. This means its no heavier than most magazines. This makes a big difference on marathon reads when you just can’t put down the book, something we thing is fantastic.

But just like books, we have the tendency to change hands, change positions and postures when reading for a long time, fortunately Kindle put the page turn buttons on both sides of the screen so its easy and quiet page turning.

Large Storage Capacity

On a long business trip bringing several books is a must, especially when going to countries where English isn’t the primary language. But books take up valuable suitcase space.

The Kindle Wi-Fi like all the Kindles holds an amazing 3,500 books, so your suitcase space is left for…well suits.

Long Life Battery

Battery Life is a big deal, in fact its a very big deal. Unlike laptops and tablets the Kindle Wi-Fi gives you a long time between charges. Don’t use the Wi-Fi and we are talking serious time between charges.

Kindle Wi-Fi e-Book Reader 6 Inch

Although the screen is 6 inches diagonally, the battery life is much longer than most smart phones, tablets or laptops.

With the Wi-Fi on you can 3 weeks of continuous reading…3 weeks! With Wi-Fi off, your looking at a full month between charges.

And because of the low energy consumption the Kindle Wi-Fi didn’t seem to get warm much less hot.

Extra Features

Other nice features which we like are:

  • Native PDF support
  • Whispersync so you can pick up where you left off on any device
  • Worry Free Archive
  • Text to Speech
  • Portrait and Landscape view

Kindle Wi-Fi Specifications

  • Display Size: 6″ diagonal
  • Display Type: E Ink Pearl
  • Size: 7.5″ x 4.8″ x 0.335″
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Storage: 3,500 books
  • Battery Life (Wireless Off): 1 Month
  • Battery Life (Wireless On): 3 Weeks
  • Native PDF Support: Yes
  • Whispersync: Yes
  • Worry-Free Archive: Yes
  • Text-to-Speech: Yes

Pros and Cons


We can’t help but notice our review looks alarming like an advertisement for Kindle, but this e-book reading device is outstanding. We were sold almost hook, line and sinker from the screen display. The E Ink Pearl Technology is fantastic.

We also love the capacity and battery life, coupled with it weighing in at a mere 8.5 ounces make it lighter than many magazines, so reading for extended periods of time is not going to make you so arm weary.


The organization of the books to purchase could be laid out better, more categories, different format, something to make it a wee bit easier to find what your looking for out of the huge library of titles.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an e-book reader, the best of the best is the Kindle, Kindle Wi-Fi, Kindle 3G and Kindle DX in our opinion. The Kindle Wi-Fi is meant for reading, and it does a fine job of letting you do just that without all the non-sense that drains your battery.

There are more than 23,000 reviews on the Kindle series. They have been the Number one Amazon seller two years straight. This device has more 5 star ratings than any other product on It’s also the most wished for and most gifted product on

With stats like these and consumer reviews which use the word “love” over and over and over again, there is plenty of evidence to show this is a great e-book reader. And we would love to jump on the bandwagon and give it a 5 star endorsement, heck it’s even delivered with free shipping. We would suggest that the only way they could make it better would be to have it read to you, but it does that too!

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