LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum LuV300B Review

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LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum Review

LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum

Many homeowners are already tired of the same features offered by common brands of vacuum cleaners and with their busy schedule and increasing home needs, a lot of them wishes for something that can offer more and make the task of cleaning easier and faster. The LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum is making a name in the household industry today because of its features that conventional vacuum cleaners cannot offer.

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  • Uses a Dust Compression System when collecting dust and dirt
  • Easy to empty dust canister
  • Employs a Dual Force + Technology for better suction power
  • Equipped with a Click ‘N Go wand for easier adjustments
  • Uses HEPA filter for a cleaner and more breathable air for the entire household


LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum

Dual Force + Technology

One of the features that the LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum is proud of, is its capability to compress its collected dirt in the dust container. Not only does it make it easier for homeowners to dispose the dust after cleaning, but it also allows more dirt and debris to be collected. With this technology, homeowners are saved from the annoying dust clouds involved when emptying the dust bin. By just simply pushing a button, the canister is emptied of its content.

The LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum also boasts of its suction power, with its Dual Force + Technology. As suggested by the name, it enables two additional air pathways to suck in more dirt when cleaning. Its enhanced motor and air pathways allow the LG Kompressor Vacuum to give you a dustless floor surface and cleaner edges and corners.

Easier control

Back then, homeowners often find it a hassle to clean both low and high areas because of the fixed hose and nozzle of their conventional vacuums. The LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum on the other hand, has a detachable Click N’ Go from its base that gives users up to an extended 15 feet of reach for easier cleaning of areas above the floor, upholsteries, as well as hard to reach spots. With such a feature, the need to lean down and bend to adjust the settings and reach areas is completely eliminated.

LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum

Cleaner, more breathable air

The Kompressor is also noticeably quieter compared to other brands of vacuum cleaners and this is what makes it perfect for those who are living in noise sensitive areas. Aside from making it possible to clean your home without the usual buzz of conventional vacuum cleaners, the LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum also gives you a cleaner and more breathable air with its HEPA filter. This technology is known to trap allergens from the air we breathe. The HEPA filter is also rewashable and reusable thus, can save you the cost of replacement filters in the future.

Designs available

The LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum is designed to be stylish with its Riviera Blue color. This ensures that it meets the preference and taste of many homeowners, and also to make sure that it fits anywhere in the house. With its sleek design, no one will find it intrusive and will be bothered by its presence in the living room.

Final Thoughts

The LG Kompressor Upright Vacuum proves to be a good household appliance any homeowner shouldn’t live without. It features more pros than cons and so far, individuals who have already tried using the unit can attest to its great cleaning performance. The technology that this brand employs is innovative and is surely a welcoming change in the industry.

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