Mediterranea A-L63202M Bianco 20 Hydrotherapy Jet Lounger Review

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Mediterranea A-L63202M Bianco 20 Hydrotherapy Jet Lounger

Mediterranea A-L63202M Bianco 20 Hydrotherapy Jet Lounger

Next we turn our attention to the Bianco Lounger Spa. This is a pretty unique hot tub as it features a full-sized lounger seat while still retaining a compact size. Sized right to fit up to 3 people, the Bianco is geared to suit those looking to sit 2-3 people.

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Like most mid-range hot tubs in the market, this one comes with plenty of bells and whistles so a luxurious spa experience is made possible.


  • Made in the US
  • Seats 2-3 people
  • Plug & Play operation
  • 20 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Lockable spa cover
  • Topside Controls

Made in the US

The Bianco spa is manufactured in the US and constructed with premium quality materials so you can be confident that you’re getting a great spa which will last year after year. Energy efficient parts include a stainless steel heater and closed cell foam insulation which maximizes heat retention.

Mediterranea A-L63202M Bianco 20 Hydrotherapy Jet Lounger

Rugged and Stylish

The tub is outfitted with a rugged Microban Antibacterial Acrylic shell which is designed to prevent any unwanted bacterial growth. Bacteria growth can cause a multitude of infections including skin rashes so the importance of this is paramount.

When you shell out this much on a piece of luxury you sure want it to look the part. The spa surround has a sleek synthetic cabinet with a natural wood-grain finish, which we can confidently say looks the part.

Plug & Play Operation

Dual voltage operation allows you to connect this spa to either a 120V/15 amp outlet for Play & Play operation or convert to 240V/40 amp if you desire the extra power. This makes this a very versatile spa as you don’t have to pay extra to hire out electrical contractors, providing you can live with 120V.

20 Hydrotherapy Jets

A powerful 2-speed 1.5 horsepower pump powers the 20 jets meticulously positioned around the tub to give you a truly relaxing sensation to relive sore and tired muscles. The lounger seat features two foot jets to sooth tired feet and six jets at the other end which target your back and shoulders to provide a massage like sensation as you lay back in the lounger.

Lockable Spa Cover

Your spa comes with a lockable safety cover as standard so you don’t need to fork out for one separately. This helps to keep the water temperature maintained as well as keep dust and debris out the tub when it’s not in use.

Topside Controls

User-friendly top-side controls give you full control over your spa experience. The Gecko control system provides intuitive and easy control over each function. Additionally, the top-side air control knob allows you to regulate the amount of air flow to the 20 jets to get the level of jet pressure which is just right for you.


A nice extra feature is the lighting. The 12v incandescent bulb offers you blue/red/white lighting to illuminate the spa interior so you can brighten up those dull evenings and lift your mood as you kick back and relax.


  • Length: 83 inches
  • Width: 63 inches
  • Height: 30 inches

Pros and Cons


The Bianco spa has all the sort of features you’d expect to find in a premium quality hot tub. Great build quality, nice styling, energy efficient and a good set of add-ons. The Plug and Play feature is desirable for those who want real convenience.

Designed to be low maintenance – This makes ownership of the spa far less hassle.


To use the hot tub with a 240-volt 40 amp circuit it has to be converted. However, this is rather cheap at under 100 bucks should you need to hire an electrician.

Final Thoughts

For a premium quality small hot tub, the Bianco Spa is quite wonderful. The luxury of having a full-sized lounger in such a compact spa is a big draw, particularly if you’re more into relaxing than socializing in your tub.

Overall, this would make for a top choice for anyone looking for a small sized US made hot tub that has quality in every pore of its design.

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