Philips Norelco HQ40/33 Shave on the Go Battery Razor Review

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Philips Norelco HQ40/33 Shave on the Go Battery Razor

Philips Norelco HQ40/33 Shave on the Go Battery Razor

If you’re looking for a low cost shaver which will allow you to shave on the go, the Philips Norelco HQ40/33 Shave on the Go Battery Razor may suit you down to a tee. This compact little shaver is operated by 2AA batteries which are included in the package.

Equipped with a dual blade system and individual floating heads, Phillips has managed to pack in some impressive shaving tech into the HQ40/33 despite its travel-friendly, compact size.

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  • Battery Operated
  • Dual blade system
  • Individual floating heads
  • 2AA Batteries included
  • Accessories include a Cleaning brush and Protection cap

Philips Norelco HQ40/33 Shave on the Go Battery Razor

In Action

During use, the Philips Norelco HQ40/33 is very quiet, which is a great plus for those who are irritated by the piercing buzzing noise which many razors produce.

Shaving takes a little longer than higher-end rotary shavers which have 3 shaving heads, so more passes are required are required for a smooth finish.

The razor can be used for a dry shave only unlike some travel razors which have a wet shave option, but it still delivers a quick and smooth shave which is free of irritation. The dual blade system is the same as the one used in higher-end Norelco models, this technology is incredibly effective as it lifts your facial hair gently to achieve a nice close cut. The individual floating heads are designed to adjust to your facial contours for incredible closeness.

Easy Cleaning

A small cleaning brush is provided which makes cleaning out hair from the shaving heads a simple, easy task. The razor is not waterproof; therefore you cannot clean it under running water.

Battery Operated

Included in the package are 2AA Philips alkaline batteries. Being battery operated is an added convenience as it allows you to pop a couple of new batteries in when you need a quick shave instead of having the inconvenience of waiting to recharge the shaver.

Pros and Cons


The Philips Norelco HQ40/33 is lightweight and elegantly designed.

Very quiet in operation and provides a very close shave thanks to its dual blade system and individual floating heads.

Battery life is excellent, providing you up to 60 minutes shaving time. 2AA batteries are included, saving you the cost of buying them separately.


The plastic cover which covers the shaver heads doesn’t have a firm grip, so it can sometimes come off inside your travelling bag.

No trimmer is included to tidy up your sideburns, but given the price of the razor and its compact size this shouldn’t be perceived as much of a con.

Final Thoughts

The Philips Norelco HQ40/33 Shave on the Go Battery Razor is a travel shaver we are mightily impressed with. While it does have a couple of drawbacks, none of them are showstoppers by any means.

Its pocket-sized portability allows you to toss it into your rucksack and have a nice, close shave on your travels without any hassle of needing to find a power socket. We recommend this to those who are looking for a quality travel shaver which provides a quiet and comfortable shave.

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