Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8240 Men’s Shaving System Review

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Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8240 Men’s Shaving System

Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8240 Men's Shaving System

It’s been over 5 years since the release of the Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8240 Men’s Shaving System, but it’s still getting positive reviews from consumers, showing testament to its quality.

This mid-line rotary shaver may lack some of the fancy features of its higher-end cousins, but it still packs a punch in the shaving department with it’s great shaver technologies.

Read Consumer Reviews on the Norelco Speed-XL 8240

Most consumers who have used the Speed-XL 8240 have praised its ability to give a comfortable, close shave similar to that of a foil shaver.

Those who are in search of an affordable, basic mid-range rotary shaver from a great brand read on.


  • Provides 50 percent more shaving surface than regular rotary shavers
  • SmartTouch Technology
  • Super Lift and Cut dual-blade Technology
  • Rinses clean for hassle-free maintenance
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • Backed by 2-year warranty

Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8240 Men's Shaving System

Ergonomically Designed

Attention to good ergonomics is becoming more and more apparent with modern appliances. The Norelco Speed 8240 is no exception. It features an ergonomic handle to provide you maximum control whilst shaving. It fits nicely into your hand and is lightweight for extra comfort.

Shaving Performance

The Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8240 Men’s Shaving System features some of Philips Norelco’s signature shaving technology which ensures the shaving performance delivered is high.

The SmartTouch Technology has been designed to smartly align the shaving heads with the contours of your face to ensure every hair is cut with comfort. The three shaving heads pivot automatically to follow the curves of your face and jaw-line, giving you an exceptionally close shave with next to no irritation.

The DualPrecision Cutting system comprises of two shaving tracks which have each been designed with separate slots to effectively cut both long hair and shorter stubble. This system works pretty well with shorter stubble, but with long hairs it is prone to miss them. Therefore, we advise you to use this shaver on a daily basis without missing days to get the best results.

The nice thing about the included stubble catcher is that it allows you to shave on the move, so you can have a quick mid-day shave in the car or in your office, without getting hair all over the place.

Philips recommends replacing the HQ9 shaving heads every year for optimum performance. However, you can usually get a good two years use out of the shaving heads before they need to be replaced.

Quiet Motor

During use the shaver is very quiet. This is mostly due to the speed of the motor; it’s slower than previous Norelco models so you often need to take multiple passes over the same area of your face to get a smooth shave.

Pop-up Trimmer

The featured pop-up trimmer is a disappointing aspect of the Philips Norelco Speed 8240 Men’s Shaving System. It doesn’t lock firmly into position and is prone to move whilst you are using it which makes it frustrating to use. We advise you to keep a manual razor at hand to tidy up your sideburns or cut any hairs which are left unshaven.

Battery Life

The battery life is very good for a mid-range shaver, providing you up to 50 minutes shaving time from a full one hour charge. There is a green LED indicator on the shaver which informs you when the charging process has completed. There aren’t any low battery indicator lights, much to our dismay, but as long as you keep in mind how long since you last charged it, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Unlike with higher-end shavers, there is no charging station, so you need to plug the power lead directly into the shaver to charge it.

Pros and Cons


Its low cost makes the Norelco Speed 8240 ideal for the budgeted buyer or those looking for their first electric shaver.

It provides a good smooth shave without irritation thanks to Norelco’s innovative shaving technologies.

Excellent ergonomics makes it easy to hold in your hand, although some people may find it to be a bit too lightweight.

The flip top design and antibacterial coating interior makes the shaver very easy to clean under hot running water.

With its long 50 minute battery life and included travel pouch, it’s an ideal shaver to take when travelling.

The money back guarantee gives you 45 days to see if the shaver is suitable for you.


It lacks a low battery indicator light. However, this is only a problem if you intend to use the shaver for travelling as you can plug it directly into a power cord at home when the battery is depleted.

The pop-up trimmer is poorly designed, so you shouldn’t rely on it for tidying up your facial hair effectively.

The included travel case can only store the shaver, but not the cleaning brush or charging adapter.

The motor isn’t as powerful as earlier Norelco models.

Final Thoughts

The Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8240 Men’s Shaving System is a fine choice for those who are looking for a good mid-range rotary shaver and can live without the bells and whistles which higher-end shavers provide. Its lightweight makes it suitable for older people or people with disabilities.

The trimmer is of poor quality, so if you want a shaver with a good trimmer you should avoid this, but for a quality, close shave with a minimum amount of noise it delivers.

Included in the box is a charging adapter, protection cap, travel pouch plus a cleaning brush for maintenance.

This is far from one of the fastest shavers in the market, but it gets the job done effectively. We give this shaver a 3.5 star rating based on its features, reliability and shaving performance.

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