Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

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Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Polar FT40 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is an ideal device for all those women out there who are focused in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. They engage in vigorous training routines for a fitter body. The watch helps in keeping the normal training levels and even enhancing and improving them. It monitors the daily heart rate and workout routine and then guides the user through a training program for better results.

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  • Heart rate displayed in different ways
  • Target zone program
  • Audible and visual alarms to indicate deviation from target zone
  • Polar OwnCal for calorie count
  • Energy Pointer Mode
  • Zone Pointer Mode
  • Water resistant to 30 meters
  • Time and date indicator
  • 2 year limited warranty

Displays Heart Rate in Three Different Ways

The monitor watch is very useful for those who are adopting strict training regime for a better fitness. The Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch comes with innovative technology to meet the needs of the user. The heart rate is displayed in three different ways on the monitor. This is through percentage of the maximum heart rates, it is displayed as beats per minute and thirdly as a graph indicating the heart rate against the target zone.

Target Zone Program

The user can preset target zones. In case of deviations from the set goals the visual and audible alarms sound off to warn the concerned. There is also the training program monitors the user’s daily routine and suggests improvements. The Polar OwnCal enables one to keep track of the calories being burnt in the training sessions. The Energy Pointer Mode is great for aggressive runners- as it determines the point where the session is not just burning fat but also improving health. The Zone pointer displays the heart rate against the target heart rate zone.

Water Resistant

The Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is water resistant upto 30 meters. It also displays the time and day. There is a backlight feature which enables one to see even in poor light. There is an alarm with snooze feature and a low battery indicator. The Polar FlowLink enables transferring data from the watch to the computer to keep regular logs and monitor the training sessions. The 2 year limited warranty safeguards the user’s interest.

Consumer Feedback

The Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch has both pros and cons. The pros are that it is very easy to use and great features that make it very necessary to monitor regular training workouts. Some people feel that it is as good as a personal trainer. It helps keep track of present performance and suggests improvements and thus helps enhance the fitness of the person. Apart from being so technologically advanced the watch is also very beautifully designed which has helped in gaining favor in the market.

The cons are that the Monitor Watch does not have a clear display. It is considered by many as a bulky design. Some users felt that it is not sturdy and tends to break off easily. The reading also tends to be inaccurate many a times. There was no stop watch feature in the watch. Also many found that the batteries are not replaceable. When their batteries died out and they got replacements, the watch would not work properly and the readings provided were also not accurate.

Final Thoughts

The Polar FT40 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is very user-friendly and easy to use, so for those who have never used a heart rate monitor you’ll get to grips with it in no time. The lack of a stopwatch feature is a bit disappointing, but certainly not a showstopper.

Unlike with previous Polar watches such as the F6, the battery in the watch and chest strap can be replaced by the user, which is a huge plus. This saves the hassle of needing to send the watch in to get the battery replaced.

It is a great heart rate monitor with innovative features and a must for women who engage in tough training routines and fitness regimes. Heart Rate Monitor Reviews wholeheartedly recommends the Polar FT40.

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