Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Shaver Review

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Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Shaver

Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men's Shaver

If you’re looking for an electric foil shaver with basic functionality at an entry-level price point, the Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Shaver will be right up your street. Remington has discontinued manufacturing this model, but it’s still available from numerous online retailers such as Amazon.

Read Consumer Reviews on the Remington MS2-390 Shaver

Be forewarned, this is a shaver with very mixed consumer reviews so it may or may not be to your liking. Read on to find out if this marmite shaver delivers or if it’s best to give it a wide berth.


  • Two titanium microscreens
  • Utilizes ComforTech contour technology
  • 3-position pop-up trimmer
  • Cordless operation
  • 1-hour Quick Charge option
  • Includes cleaning brush and deluxe travel case

Design and Ergonomics

The Remington MS2-390 sports an attractive chrome and blue body. The handle surface has been designed to be easy to grip to give you maximum control whilst shaving. The build quality isn’t as substantial or robust as earlier Remington models, but it’s adequate.

There is no LCD screen on the shaver or an indicator to inform you when the battery power is low. This is common with shavers at this price point though so we aren’t too disappointed with this omission.

Two titanium microscreens

The Remington MS2-390 features two titanium microscreens. This advanced technology uses two thin foils which independently flex for optimum closeness and comfort.

Shaving Performance

The Remington MS2-390 gives a close and comfortable shave, but requires multiple passes to get desired results especially when shaving rougher hair areas of your face. The key is to press it gently against your skin for the best results with minimum irritation.

It isn’t very effective for cutting longer hairs, but if you use the pop-up trimmer on its high setting whilst shaving, the trimmer handles these longer hairs pretty well.

Pop-up Trimmer

The 3-position pop-up trimmer is a handy inclusion. It’s rather wide so it provides a good amount of coverage. On the downside, the trimmer is rather slow at popping up so we would have liked this mechanism to have been designed better.


The cleaning process is very quick and easy. Just simply remove the shaving head screen, brush the blades using the supplied cleaning brush and then blow the foil. This should take no longer than 30-40 seconds and should be done after every shave to ensure optimum performance.


The Remington MS2-390 is well kitted out for travelling. It comes with a protector screen for the head and a deluxe travel case. It’s also compatible with voltages worldwide (110-240v) so you can charge it when you take it abroad instead of just relying on the charge it had at home before you set off.

Pros and Cons


You have the option to shave with the power cord plugged into the shaver, which is handy if you need an emergency shave when the battery is depleted.

The shaver holds a charge well, giving you about 55-60 minutes shaving time from a full 1 hour charge.

Clean up is incredibly easy and a cleaning brush is included.


It’s rather loud in operation, so you’ll want to make sure that all other members of the household are awake before having your morning shave unless you’re lucky enough to have a big house.

When using the cleaning brush to clean the cutters, they get dislodged too easily and pop out of their position. However, if you hold each cutter by their sides whilst brushing, this problem can be avoided.

Some users have found the foil screen has to be replaced quite often due to it being very delicate.

Final Thoughts

The Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men’s Shaver does have its share of design flaws, but it holds up well for its primary purpose to deliver a close shave comfortably.

We recommend this shaver to our readers who are looking for a low cost foil shaver for daily use and don’t mind loud noise whilst shaving. If you’re a guy who shaves every other day or has very coarse hair, this shaver isn’t for you.

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