Remington R-91 Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver Review

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Remington R-91 Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver

Remington R-91 Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver

The Remington R-91 Travel Shaver is Remington’s best selling shaver in the EU, making it many people’s preferred choice for travel. This popular travel shaver has been given a mixed bag of feedback. Consumers like the smooth shave it delivers, but are a little dismayed at the long charging time.

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Unlike most travel shavers in the market, this features a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to remember to pack some batteries in your suitcase before taking it with you on your travels.


  • Dualtrack Cutters
  • Two flexing heads
  • Designed for travel use or quick touch-ups
  • Rechargeable battery

Remington R-91 Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver


The Remington R-91 has a simple, yet sleek design which doesn’t look out of place compared to other travel shavers. The compact body sports a black and silver finish which gives it ample visual appeal. A large power button is located in the centre of the shaver plus a charging indicator light is located lower down.

Two flexing heads

The two flexing heads float independently to closely follow the contours of your face for optimum comfort. This works very well when the shaver is in action, giving you a nice smooth shave without any irritation.

Dualtrack Cutters

The Dualtrack cutters are made of stainless steel for optimum shaving performance. Despite the fact the R91 only uses two rotary heads; shaving is quick thanks to the dual track cutting technology.


The Remington R-91 is rechargeable unlike the majority of travel shavers which operate on removable batteries. However, the downside is that for a full charge it takes 16 hours, which is pretty darn long by anyone’s standard. A full charge will give you 30 minutes shaving time which should be enough for approximately 10 shaves.

The green indicator light turns on whilst it is charging, but there is no indicator light to inform you when the charging process is complete so you need to remember when you started the charging process to ensure that the shaver gets fully charged.

The instructions state that the battery has “memory”; therefore you must use the shaver until the battery is almost fully depleted before you charge it again to increase the lifespan of the battery.

Pros and Cons


The Remington R-91 Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver is sleekly designed and provides a smooth comfortable shave and operates relatively quiet.

The fact its rechargeable makes it very convenient as you don’t need to buy batteries or take a separate battery charger with you on your travels.

It is very easy to clean. Just pop off the top and brush it using the included cleaning brush.

It’s backed by a 2-year guarantee, which is excellent for a shaver at this price point.


No travel case or pouch is included. Given this is a travel shaver; we would have expected one as standard.

The power button doesn’t have a lock feature, so if the shaver gets accidently pressed in your travel bag then the battery power will get drained.

It takes 16 hours to fully charge. However, you get a good 30 minutes shaving time from one full charge, which could be enough for 1 weeks use depending on how frequently you shave.

It’s unclear whether it can be charged from a 220v power outlet, which is a potential downer if you intend to travel to countries which use this voltage.

Final Thoughts

If you have a preference for rotary shavers, the Remington R-91 Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver is a fine choice for a travel shaver or to keep as a spare in case your primary shaver breaks down.

Bear in mind that if you intend to take it travelling where there isn’t an electrical power source such as when camping or sailing, an AA-battery operated travel shaver such as the Phillips HQ40 will be more suitable.

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