Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop Review

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Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop

Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop

The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is a useful appliance for superior cleaning and sanitization of the hard floor surfaces. It provides professional, deep cleaning facility with its electronic steam control and auto shut off feature. The 180 degree swivel head enables the mop to be used under tight spots as well. It has a 25 foot cord and comes with two rectangular pockets pads and two microfiber pads. There are three steam settings to suit the needs of the users.

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  • Intelligent steam control for superior sanitization
  • Patented Steam Pockets for professional cleaning results
  • Three steam modes
  • 180 degree swivel head for reaching deep under furniture and cabinets
  • Large water tank for longer cleaning jobs
  • High temperature of 200 Fahrenheit ensures killing of bacteria, germs and dust mites
  • Light and sleek in shape – can be stored easily


Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop

Intelligent Steam Control

The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop offers professional cleaning and sanitizing services. It uses it intelligent steam control to provide superior sanitization. It comes with the patented steam pockets that provide enhanced cleaning services to the user. These enable deep cleaning and within a few minutes the floor looks as good as new. The mop provides improved professional cleaning of all hard floor surfaces in the house.

Three Steam Modes

There are three steam settings on the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop to deal with all kinds of cleaning problems. There is a Dust setting for light cleaning then there is the Mop setting which is for regular everyday cleaning. The third setting is the Scrub setting for tougher or more difficult situations. All these ensure that the mop is able to target and resolve any sort of cleaning that is required by the user.

Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop

Easy To Use

The Shark S3601 Steam Mop has a sleek, lightweight design that is easy to use and operate. The mop head can move 180 degrees to reach corners and maneuver in difficult areas. The small handle ensures an easy grip. There is a large water tank that can hold good quantity of water for long cleaning work. The water inside is heated to a temperature of 200 degree Fahrenheit that produces extremely hot steam and kills germs, bacteria, dust mites and other allergens. It does not require any chemicals, making it very safe for houses having children and pets.

Consumer Feedback

The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop has positive as well as negative points. The points that are in favor of the pocket mop are that it is very easy to use and light weight to carry around the house. The three settings give the flexibility to the user to choose the kind of cleaning they require to be done. The Steam pockets enable efficient and deep cleaning and sanitizing of the floor surface.

There are certain negative points also. Users have expressed that the mop does not clean the tiled floors. The water tank is not very big as expected as one has to refill it many times. Users found it to be better for regular cleaning rather than any intense scrubbing. Also the microfibers tend to wear off easily and are very expensive to replace.

Final Thoughts

The Shark S3601 Professional Steam Pocket Mop is a lightweight, easy to operate steam cleaner that provides quick and efficient professional cleaning services. It provides deep cleaning facility along with the killing of germs, bacteria and is chemical –free, making it environment friendly.

A nice aspect of this mop is that it provides you steam constantly, so you don’t need to press the handle, you just simply just mop the floor.

Overall, this steam mop is a great choice if you are looking for a user-friendly, light mop which does an excellent job of cleaning floors without leaving streak marks. It performs best on wooden floor surfaces, but not so well on rough tiled floors, so if you want to clean mainly rough tiled flooring then this mop isn’t suitable.

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