SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner Review

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SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner

SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner

The SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner brings professional cleaning to your home. It is a very useful appliance that helps in keeping the house clean and germ free. It is equipped with many accessories that cleans, removes stains in an easy chemical-free manner. The SteamFast uses pressurized steam to target every kind of surface.

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  • Powerful 1500 watt machine that provides pressurized cleaning
  • Cleans every surface effectively
  • Eliminates, dirt, grease, grim and prevents germs development
  • A large water tank to facilitate more work
  • Easy controls and is ready for use within minutes
  • Comes with accessories that can be easily stored in compartments on the unit
  • One year limited warranty


SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner

1500 Watts Power

It is a very powerful 1500 watt machine that enables efficient and effective cleaning of the house. It is capable of targeting stains, dirt and grime and can remove these easily from all kinds of surfaces. This could include but not be limited to sinks, tubs, floors, upholstery, barbeque grills, etc. It is also useful in removing dirt and smoke odors from draperies and upholstery. The SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner cleans and sanitizes surfaces and reduces allergens like germs, dust mites, etc.

Large Water Tank

The SteamFast has a large water tank that can hold 50-ounce of water easily. No chemicals are required. Cleaning and sanitizing is done through the application of pressurized steam that targets difficult to clean surfaces and hard to reach places and removes any sign of grime and dust. The huge tank allows use for continuous one hour.

SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner

Heats Up In Minutes

It takes a matter of few minutes to heat and is ready to use. The controls are easy to operate. There are simple on/ off buttons with indicator lights, a steam ready light and steam control switch. The unit features larges wheels and front casters that enable easy maneuverability of the machine around the house as one cleans about.

The unit is accompanied with a 12 foot power cord and other accessories like special triangular brush to reach into corners, utility brush for regular cleaning, and special brushes for barbeque grills and cloth pads for cleaning and sanitizing floor surfaces. The cleaner carries a one year limited warranty to safeguard the interest of the people.

Consumer Feedback

The SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner has both pros as well as cons. Its pros are that it is light to move around and very easy to use. It is very powerful and provides superior cleaning action for every kind of work around the house. It is a sturdy machine and heats up quickly. As no chemicals are required to operate the same, it is environment friendly. It was found to be very effective in cleaning grease and molds and is great for cleaning difficult areas like fireplaces, etc.

The cons of the SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner are that it doesn’t deliver the same level of steam pressure as similar steamer cleaners which have the same wattage. Some people have expressed their disappointment as they feel it is too highly priced considering the quality of work delivered. The steam cleaner does not clean so effectively and ends up spurting out hot water and mists instead of pressurized steam. The attachments further decrease the impact of the steam coming out of the nozzle. It ends up serving as a humidifier rather than a steam cleaner.

Final Thoughts

The SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner is a good quality, compact steamer for the lower price range which it’s in. It uses pressurized steam to target difficult stains and grease and dirt on different kinds of surfaces. Plenty of attachments are included, so you can clean a wide range of items with this machine.

Be aware that it doesn’t produce dry steam, so the floor will be wet a bit after steaming it. Overall, the SteamFast SF-275 is a good choice for general household cleaning. It doesn’t produce the same high level of steam pressure as more expensive steam cleaners, but is still adequate for most cleaning tasks.

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