Tour De France Packleader Bike Review

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Tour De France Packleader Bike

Tour De France Packleader Bike

The Tour De France Packleader Bike has a big name to live up to, a bold move for a entry level road bike especially being named after the most prestigious of road races.

The Packleader offers 16 fast gears making this a decent bike for most of your daily needs. If you need something for commuting to work, training, track or just healthy exercise this road bike is one to consider.

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Making good use of Shimano components and an aluminum frame the Tour De France Packleader Bike is a review worth reading.


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Shimano Components
  • Versatile Use


Aluminum Frame

The Tour De France Packleader Bike uses an Aluminum Alloy frame which keeps the weight down. At 25 lbs, it’s a fairly easy bike to carry should you live on second or third level apartments or dorms.

The fork is steel to better handle the punishing road conditions your likely to encounter.

Shimano Components

Shimano is at the core of the packleader with the A050 drivetrain. Adding to that Shimano is used for the rear derailleur’s and 16 speeds accessed with Shimano Stem Mounted SIS lever shifters.

Versatile Use

The Packleader is a fairly versatile road bike. It’s an ideal bike for:

Campus use

Specifications of the Tour De France Packleader Bike

  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy
  • Fork: Steel
  • DriveTrain: Shimano A050
  • Rims: double-walled alloy
  • Wheel: 700 c
  • Tires: Wanda tires
  • Shifters: Shimano Stem mounted SIS lever shifters
  • Crankset: Dotek steel double 52/48 170mm length
  • Pedals: Resin pedals with steel cage
  • Handle Bars: Classic drop
  • Brake Type: Caliper fore and aft

Pros and Cons


Low Price.

Lightweight Frame.

16 speeds.


Cheap saddle and pedals.

Not enough consumer reviews at this point to determine dependability.

Final Thoughts

A key ingredient to the review is typically looking for dependability trends over the course of a time. The Tour De France Packleader Bike doesn’t have many reviews to develop a trend analysis.

However looking at the Bikes attributes can give an indication of what to expect. For example the frame and finish look good, the weight indicates its most likely a 6061 alloy which is not only light but also resistant to corrosion as its allow components are magnesium and copper versus zinc in the heavier 7005 alloy.

The saddle and pedals are typical low end which seems to be a common industry trend. But most cyclist seem to have the right perspective, you get what you pay for, so most have no problems upgrading these lower end components. The result is typically a bike that people like, we see no reason that the Packleader would differ.

With that in mind, we think the Tour De France Packleader Bike is a reasonably safe bet, plus you get the 16 speeds and all for less than many starter single speed road bikes. Looks to be a bargain.

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