US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove with Legs Review

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US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove with Legs

US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove with Legs

We have all heard the many, many global warming conundrums and the ‘dying earth’ stories, but, as we all know change is slow and change is hard, hard if you don’t look straight at the alternatives. The US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove is one such alternative.

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The unique appeal of this stove is that it can be modified to run on a range of substances other than pellets or corn.

For the readers at Pellet Stove Reviews who are looking for a versatile stove with multifuel capabilities, this product should arouse your interest.


  • Easy to adapt to burn olive pits, cherry pits, soybeans, bio mass fuel grains and silage
  • 53,300 BTU Output
  • 60 lbs Fire Box/Hopper Capacity
  • Includes blower and igniter
  • Capability to heat rooms up to 2,000 sq ft


Clean and Eco-friendly

While fossil fuels are being drained like rainwater in a desert and the ecosystem is being crippled to the point of no return with pollution and all kinds of wastes to the point of non even being a live sustaining planet. So far stoves have almost invariably run on coal (which is practically nonexistent in modern times) and wood which is renowned for the amount of pollution it spews into the atmosphere.

But here is where the US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove comes into action. This extraordinary stove is not only clean and eco friendly, it is easy to maintain and a real joy to use. You need never worry about the environment when you light up this stove which means that your cold winter nights get that much more relaxing; there no need to scrutinize the amount of smoke this stove is emitting since there really is too little to measure.

There is no doubt about it, this US Stove is definitely a must buy for any environmentally cautious individual who requires some extra warmth during those cold winter nights.

Multifuel Capable

The beauty of the US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove is that it can be configured to work on almost any organic fuel. Do not get this wrong, it works on any kind of substance, even things we might not even really call fuel. By default (and the given name) the US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove works only on corn or pellets, but the whole story does not end there. The stove can also be easily modified to burn and work with odd, unconventional substances like cherry pits, soybeans, olive pits, processed silage, and even the famed biomass fuel grains. This incredible multifuel capacity of the unit quite effectively makes the stove an in-house recycling unit, which turns regular household wastes into absolutely clean and eco friendly heat for all those cold winter evenings when all else fails.

The US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove is a stove specially designed for those who want an interesting and eco friendly way to manage their wastes as well as cut down on their power bills. It really is a stove of the future! This multi-fuel pellet stove can do everything which a regular stove can do and has the added advantage of being the greenest furnace around! This stove is only marketed based on what it has been tried and tested to do.

Final Thoughts

If the US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove has a drawback, it is that the blowers are rather loud on the higher settings, but despite this it is very quiet on the lower settings which still produces an adequate amount of heat.

Considering the enormous environmental benefit which it provides, this stove is ideal for the environmentally conscious who would like to reduce waste. Overall, the US Stove Multifuel Corn/Pellet Stove is very much a need of the hour and any prospective stove owner should take a look at it.

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