West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker Review

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West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker

West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker

If you’re looking for a budget bread maker which has enough features to handle most basic bread making tasks at your convenience, the West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker should be on your radar.

Read Consumer Reviews on the West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker

This model under review consistently wins very high review scores from consumers which is rare for a bread machine at the lower end of the market. With its array of user-friendly features and non-stick 2 lb bread pan, this machine has what it takes to produce quality home baking results at an affordable price.

When scouring the market for a low-cost bread maker it’s important to be leery as corners are often cut by manufactures which can lead to durability issues before long. Based on our research, the West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker has received consistently high reviews from consumers across the board since its release, indicating the machine is of good quality in the durability stakes.


  • 12 pre-programmed settings
  • 3 crust control options (Light, Medium or Dark)
  • Non-stick pan with up to 2 lb loaf capacity
  • Automatic 1 hour keep-warm option
  • 13-hour delay start timer
  • Instruction manual with recipes


Non-stick pan

The non-stick bread pan has the capacity to make 1 pound, 1.5 pound or 2 pound loaves. It’s far deeper than a regular horizontal bread pan, thereby preventing flour being flinged around inside the machine causing a mess.

The pan itself is locked into position by the base, rather than clips on either side like with many bread makers in this price range. This is a good design as the pan remains sturdy and solid instead of rattling and moving out of position. Replacement pans for this machine cost around $20, should you need one.

West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker


The West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker features a great array of options so you can prepare something to suit everyone’s taste buds. There are 12 pre-programmed cycle settings which include Basic, French, Whole Wheat, Sweet, Sandwich, Bake, Quick and Dough. If you fancy making some tasty homemade jams or baking a cake using cake mixes, the Jam and Cake cycles will handle this.

For those who want their bread ready in rapid time, there are two Super Rapid cycles available to choose from. The Super Rapid 1LB setting allows you to make 1 or 1.5 lb loaves in less than 2 hours. While the Super Rapid 2LB setting allows you to make 2 lb loaves in less than 2 hours.

The crust control setting gives you 3 levels to choose from for the perfect crust Light, Medium or Dark. The machine is pre-set to Medium crust by default; the setting which most users have said produces the best results.

13-hour Delay Start Timer

As standard, the West Bend 41400 features a 13-hour delay timer so you can program it to have your fresh loaf of bread ready at a time to suit you.

Handles Power Outages

This bread maker is equipped with a memory function which enables it to store the current settings for up to five minutes during a power outage. Those in particular who live in areas with frequent power outages should take note of this feature.

Pros and Cons


The West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker is easy to use, quiet in operation, and has plenty of enticing features. The loaves it turns out are well formed with an excellent browning consistency.

Easy to clean due to the bread pans non-stick surface. The machines outer body can be wiped with a damp cloth and the control panel can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Great value for money.


The unit is quite deep size wise so if you have limited countertop space and don’t want to store the machine away after each use, you may want to consider a machine with a smaller footprint.

Final Thoughts

The West Bend 41400 2 Lb. Breadmaker is the best bread machine overall we’ve seen in the $50-75 price range. This bread maker is a consistent performer as indicated by the consumer reviews.

Those looking for a reliable budget bread machine which can quietly produce fine loaves should be pleased with this model.

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