Willard Leather Executive Office Chair High Back Review

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Willard Leather Executive Office Chair High Back

Willard Leather Executive Office Chair High Back

The Willard Leather Executive Office Chair High Back is loaded with features found on chairs costing considerably more.

The Williard Leather Executive is stylish enough for most small business or home offices. It incorporates a pneumatic gas lift on demand system for easy seat adjustments.

The Willard also is equipped with lumbar support to promote a comfortable stay at your desk.

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Does this inexpensive executive office chair have what it takes to keep an executive happy, or is it more destine to be reconciled to a middle manager? The Review should help you decide where it belongs in your office.


  • Executive Styling
  • Ergonomic Features
  • Mechanisms
  • Specs


Executive Styling

Sporting a High Back Classic Executive Back is a good start that it’s covered in cowhide leather for the fairly low price is a really good thing.

The back of the chair is protected by a duraskin PVC backing for protection from sharp cabinet edges and corners.

Ergonomic Features

The arm rest are angled to allow a more comfortable typing position.

The Manufacturer also touts extra padding in the lower seat cushion to provide better thigh support. The head rest is also padded to give maximum comfort while sitting back and resting.


The Willard Leather Executive Office Chair has plenty of mechanisms.

The seat back offers tilt back with tension control so it’s a calculated, as well as tilt lock.

The 5 Star Castor system gives you good support while you move about your desk or office area, while the seat swivels a full 360 degrees to give you full access to “L” or “C” desk configurations or small office environments.


  • Seat size is 19 x 21 inches
  • Back is 29.25 x 20 inches
  • Seat adjusts from 16.5 inches to 21 inches high
  • Seat swivels in a complete 360 degree circle
  • 5 Star Caster System

Pros and Cons


The Price is exceptional for an Executive Office Chair.

The Leather covering is essential for longevity and style.

The Gas lift is expected in this type of chair as is the recline, but the tension adjustment to stiffen up the rate of recline is a valued feature, many chairs make you feel as though your falling without this type of tension system in place.

360 degree swivel plus 5 star castors make this chair very easy to scoot around the office.


Most consumers feel the seat could have more padding so maybe a wee bit more would be better.

While the Willard Leather Executive Office Chair looks okay, I wouldn’t expect to find it in a fortune 500 executive office, but for the price it’s not bad.

Final Thoughts

The Willard Leather Executive Office Chair High Back is a well priced chair with nice features such as 360 degee swivel, lumbar support, tension-able tilt or lock upright tilt combined with pnuematic height adjustment.

The 5 star castor system provides stability as well as mobility. If you need a super soft cushion you might want to add a gel chair cushion, but for the majority this is comfortable.

The Willard Leather Executive is a suitable chair for most offices for not much more than a decent operator chair.

Recommend buy on the “Willard” Leather Executive Office Chair/ High Back w/ Gas Lift & Tilt and Ergonomic Lumbar Support.

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